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Hmmm…apparently my idea of paschal fasting includes getting two giant slices of pepperoni, and a bottle of Ardbeg 10 that I can ill afford.

Well, it’s five o’clock somewhere, I guess.

At least I got dose two of the TwinRix HepB vaccine done…and by a pharmacist I’ve never seen before who is of hispanic heritage and was wearing this almost outrageous red, flowing dress. Pretty sure she was a Pharm.D. anyway. I don’t think they let techs deliver jabs…or IMHO they shouldn’t, anyway. Maybe in a mass vaccination setting, but I know the techs at my pharmacy and the new batch are just awful…at everything.

I call it a win! But also a loss, for paschal fasting and for Lenten fasting on Friday. Meh, I can lose weight when I’m dead!

Weirdness at the Walmart checkout lanes.

And then at Goodwill…

Edit: saw this on the way out.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

Which is ironic, because that’s the only thing people remember about him.


So those who remember him are doomed to repeat him?

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Oh, no.


Yeah, you’re welcome.

/* NOPE. Y’all ain’t getting off so easy.


We went to the Goodwill here yesterday… almost all new products. We didn’t look at most of the clothes (although everything on the socks display was brand new) but like everything in the garden aisle was new, with multiple copies of the same products to buy. In the electronics area there were 10-15 HDMI cables still in their plastic clamshells amongst other things.

I realize a bunch of rich people live here because of the Mayo Clinic, but are they really just donating brand new products in multiples to Goodwill?

We’re going to look for a jigsaw puzzle there today. Considering most of the board games also looked brand new, I’m not even worried about missing pieces.

Still had the awful Goodwill smell though.

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It must be stores donating old stock instead of throwing it out.


Yeah, but all the other stuff is brand new too. I guess stores just keep unloading on Goodwill around here?

It’s too bad the Twin Cities are kind of far away. I’d love to find a way to convince my mom to visit the Hopkins, MN post office so I could see P.O. box 5325.



Does Rochester still have the giant corn cob water tower? My aunt and uncle lived there when I was a little kid and you could see it from their apartment and I thought it was hilariously awesome

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It does indeed. Very near where we are staying, behind a high school.

Also, there’s a department store here called Scheer’s, and outside of it were metal statues of Abraham Lincoln on one bench, Thomas Jefferson on a second bench, George Washington on a third bench and our greatest president, Some Guy on a Racing Bike on the wall.


It’s just not the same as seeing it myself.

That’s actually really cool to finally get to see THE MST3K Info Club PO Box. Thanks for sharing that!


We saw this in Goodwill today. Even after understanding how it works, I still don’t understand it.

I don’t even understand why the board is round instead of square. It’s like the Homer Simpson car but a board game.

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Hey do you want to know my secret trick that makes Scrabble 10000% better?

Get TWO bags. Put the vowels in one and consonants in the other. When you draw letters, you can draw however many you want from each bag, to total the number you need to draw.

No more E E I M A A E or M R X L U R J


Wheel of Scrabble?

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I’m looking at electric milk frothers on Amazon.

This one sounds ominous:

In order to improve usability and safety, the control circuit board is designed with intelligent temperature control, intelligent overheating power-off protection, and intelligent auto Shut-Off.Your kitchen gadgets has now become intelligent.

And then later it says this:

Whether you prefer cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, this gadgets can bring them all to life.

The same manufacturer does something similar for soup, and you know where that leads…


Just started leading the front label on the Ardbeg 10.


“Sea spray. Tarry rope. Immense smoky intensity.”

“The Ultimate”

You know, I think they’re trying to say something there!