Cool celebrity meeting stories

So, back when VHS first came out, prerecorded tapes cost $90 and were aimed at video rental stores instead of individuals, and the studios would send actors on tour to promote new tapes.

One day James Doohan came to our local video store, told us war stories, but refused politely when asked to do ‘the accent’.

Then a woman with Down Syndrome came in with her caregiver, and the caregiver asked her if she knew who that was. The woman’s eyes opened wide and she exclaimed, ‘Scotty?!’

And he became Scotty for her.


Starman started a similar thread in the early days of the Discourse. Has some gems.


That’s a great story, all I’ve met are some sports stars who would never win a brain of Britain contest, they were nice but dull. And a couple of old uk tv stars who most of you would of never heard of.


I was offered an interview with Corey Glover from the band Living Colour when he was touring as Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar about a decade ago.

Usually my interviews would be over the phone, weeks in advance, but I was offered an in person interview once they were in town, for turnaround for the next day.

So we met in a closed down bar at the hotel the company was staying at. Mid interview he said “That’s Ted Neeley waiting for the interview. Let’s go say hi!”

So we walked over, and Judas introduced me to Jesus.


Was going to post a topic, butthen saw this one :slight_smile:

Usually, I am a total loon when meeting celebrities that I’ve admired for a long time. Most of the time I ramble on when I try to think of something meaningful to say, or I stumble over words and thoughts. Mostly be cause the convention setting is a rough place to meet people for the first time.

But, I think this one went rather well. Debbie was such a sweetheart, she even signed my shirt for free, and STILL looks fricken’ amazing at 55. Maybe there is hope for me when I get there in 12 years :).

Other meetings that went rather well : Joel H himself over at Chiller Theater. Meeting some of the cast of Who’s Line is it Anway at a live theater show. Meeting STeve Guttenburg and some of his fellow policemen like Brian Tochi. Meeting the most disciplined principle ever, James Tolken.

Meetings that didn’t go so well. The Muppet Cast, Kevin Clash, Frank Oz. They where having a talk at william patterson univirsity, and I had received word that there was a meet and greet after the show on campus. I was NOT sure if it was a paid event, but if it was, I might have crashed it as I went away. But I was so nervous about getting thrown out, I only very breifly talked with Clash and Oz and quickly walked away I Was so nervous :).

Dan Aykroyd. we where standing in line at a wine bottle signing. the guy in front of me as me to take his picture with his camera talking to dan. I was so nervous that I forgot about it, and when he asked if I took it, I froze, said I forgot, and took a picture of dan and handed it to him. dan must have thought I was nuts… sigh :).

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I met Michael Dorn at his first Star Trek convention. He had so much fun that he talked and answered questions clear through the time he was supposed to be signing autographs. Then he stayed and signed until every single person in line got an autograph.

His “wranglers” weren’t happy, but the fans all loved it. :vulcan_salute: