Destroy and rebuild Kelsey's Crow

So try as I might I still just can’t stand Kelsey’s crow… The voice doesn’t fit the bot at all. I think Crow 2 should be crushed and rebuilt from the remaining parts, and the “new” bot should better reflect the voice she’s providing. I’m not against new voices or bots but when the voice is this mismatched to a legacy character why not just use a new bot? Take it as an opportunity to expand the bot verse and slightly tweak the manic Milhouse voice. There is no reason why Emily has to use Tom and crow… But her Tom is pretty great


Nope, nope, nope!

She’s a fantastic Crow and yes, Emily is like any other host and should have a Crow and Tom.

We’ve had this conversation in other threads, do we really need another brand new one to start this tired debate all over again?


I respectfully disagree. I would say Emily is fundamentally NOT like any other host. She is the first test subject to be added to the project who has not been a direct replacement to the previous host. Therefore she has much more flexibility and it makes sense that she would have different bots unless she was truly on THE SOL.


This ship has sailed. Not only that, I’m onboard the ship and eating popcorn. You can join if you want. I will share the popcorn.




Further more by just saying… “Well this is us now” just seems like it’s closing the door to lots of world building and creativity. I’m not saying remove Kelsey I’m saying expand her role and allow her to build a new bot to add to the collection


You are wrong.


Quick explain how. I see a lot of “your wrong” but no actual reason why? Mst3k can and should expand beyond what it has always been. Expanding Kelsey’s roll and allowing her to create her own legacy with a newer bot would be great


Like we need to treat Emily any different from all the male hosts? That she’s not allowed the honor of having those bots like the others. Yes, she’s like Joel, like Mike, like Jonah, she one in a proud line of MST hosts who share time with Tom, and Crow. She earned that on the road, she’s earning that in season 13.

You want to allow Kelsey other roles (like Baron’s Kabahl) fine, great, but to “destroy” her Crow is utter nonsense.


Just waiting for a mod to hopefully delete this thread. There are other threads where you can constructively provide your opinion on this subject instead of “destroying” Kelsey’s bot.


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I’m of two minds.

On the one hand, yeah the voice is kind of grating. I really kind of wish she’d just use her own voice. She sounds way too much like Timmy Turner. So in that sense I do wish she’d tone down the voice posture. It’s a bit much. Take it from 11 to 8 and we’re all good.

On the other hand, she’s doing a great job as Crow. She hits the right note of self-centered thoughtlessness. Her comedic timing is solid and her delivery is on the ball. I think she makes a great Crow in all those respects … and ultimately those are the ones that really matter the most.

Looking back on Season 11, I have to say I prefer the wide gap between Crow and Tom’s voice register. In S11 it was VERY difficult to tell the difference between Tom and Crow. Lack of snap to the puppeteering made it even harder, but the two voices are so similar in that season that I really had (and still do on re-watches) a hard time getting over it. So to have this seismic difference now between Tom and Crow in Emily’s SOL is preferable to me … even if I am not a huge fan of the Milhouse voice.


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Yes please ban all opinions that aren’t yours. Apparently I’m way off base. But I hardly see my post as negative? It was an honest suggestion of what I thought could improve the show.


Never said to ban your opinion. Just stated to have it moved to an already existing thread as is standard forum etiquette.


Yes… It makes sense in the world they are building!! This isn’t a sexist thing… Crow wouldn’t be destroyed but rebuilt in a new form. And if we’re not to treat her any differently why change the voice that drastically

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I totally agree with Tom. Emilie’s Tom is my favorite so far and Emily is fantastic. Kelsey’s is also good but it doesn’t feel right still. If in new Star wars movie they replaced c3p0s voice with Tress McNeil it would be fine but still not right yes is extremely talented but she doesn’t fit the 40 year established character


:roll_eyes: So make it a Crow, that isn’t a Crow… for the love of Pete! (and “destroy” was your word, not mine)

You didn’t destroy and remake Crow when Bill voiced him. You didn’t destroy and remake Crow when Hampton voiced him. And you don’t destroy and remake Crow just because Kelsey’s voicing him.


Because Hampton and Bill did a fairly close interpretation to the original that matched the character. And to be fair I thought hampton sounded too much like a Tom and was hard to tell who was who in the theater .Not something out of left field that doesn’t fit the character as mentioned above: if Tress mcneil took over from Tony Daniels for c3po it wouldn’t be right it would be okay as she’s super talented but not right


You’re living in the wrong era. These days, nothing new can be created. We can only change things. The strange thing is how they got away with changing the name of the human host when the actor changed.