Don't ever touch The Munsters!!

With the recent news and production photos of another crappy Rob Zombie movie, I am more than peeved that he is doing a film about The Munsters.

The original series was perfect, a gem if you will. I grew up on re runs as a child and still love them to this day. The chemistry between Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis can never be matched, ever. Maybe because they started in Car 54, who knows. Often imitated but always failure. Don’t fix something if it ain’t broken.


Yet another remake no one wanted or asked for… sigh


Exactly. Hollywood seems to let anyone do what they want and spew as much garbage out as they want.

As much as I love Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis, I always felt that the Addams Family TV show was far superior to the Munsters TV show. The live action Addams Family movies were okay too, mostly because of Raul Julia. Never saw the animated ones.

Also, there have been multiple attempts to remake The Munsters and they’ve all been bad.


Funny you mention this after I saw a video last night on Rob Zombie’s planned remake.

Anyway, I am with you. We don’t need another remake. At least it doesn’t seem to be one of those politically correct ones that remove anything offensive from the original material and acts as a personal soapbox. But still…


1968: “In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.”
2021: “In the future, everyone will produce their own Batman reboot.”


My Batman reboot will heavily feature shark repellant.


The first animated one wasn’t that bad, actually. Had an interesting premise. I have yet to watch the second one. But I agree that the live action movies with Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston were amazingly well done (we won’t mention the travesty that had Darryl Hannah and Tim Curry; much as I love Tim, he is not a good fit for Gomez, and Darryl Hannah? REALLY?).


They made a live action Addams Family with Tim Curry and Darryl Hannah? Was it a TV movie? I’ve never heard of it.


That’s why it never works out when it gets remade, it fails because it just can’t be redone. No one can replace Fred and Al. To me the Addams Family movies were somewhat a success because of how well Raul Julia was a superb Gomez/ Astin.

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Addams Family Reunion. Addams Family Reunion - Wikipedia

Direct to video, but I’ve seen it. I don’t recommend it.

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More of Addams Family person - the original series please although I liked some of the first two LA movies but not as much as the series.

Really don’t see a need for it - so unless this gets amazing reviews I’ll just probably vote with my dollars and time and not see it!


Why don’t they remake bad tv shows into movies. I mean who wouldn’t want to see My mother the Car on the big screen?



The strip-mining of the Nostalgia Reserves continues. Let me know when they reach The Ghost & Mrs. Muir, so that I can escape the final death agony of civilisation.


I made it through 15 minutes of the first episode of that thing. It was unbearable as-is and was already an adaptation of an adaptation.

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I thought Raul and Anjelica did a fine job capturing the greatest love affair ever presented on the small screen (Gomez and Morticia).

Remaking the classics, eh?

Turns out, everybody didn’t want to see it. Oh, wait, wrong “car” movie.


If this follows the same thematic concept as all the other modern remakes of old shows these days then no thanks. I don’t need or want modern writers, editors and directors “reinterpreting” and “updating” something that was good before they were born.

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As noted before, it was a direct-to-video movie with only one actor returning. I would say it is worth seeing once because of Tim Curry. I have seen it on Youtube. I do not think it has been released on streaming officially.

See, the changes are what would be most interesting to me. Not that I have any intense attachment to this particular show. But it’d be weird to do just an amalgam of things already seen on the small screen half a century ago… only in color and with a bigger budget this time.

There are alterations a new team could make to a story without completely dissolving its original core. I remember groaning when there was a proposed remake of The Rockford Files where he was a cop instead of an ex-con working on his own. I was livid. What would have been the point? At least that one fell through. To change something that fundamental would’ve made 0 sense, because it would’ve immediately sidelined so much of what made the show different in the first place.

I also wonder now if I’m contradicting myself, since I complained in the “Book Was Better” thread about distorted movie adaptations. But maybe not. The transition from TV to movie (or vice versa) shouldn’t be as jarring or difficult as a transition from book to movie. At least in my opinion.

I do wonder why they want to do a movie and not a series or mini-series though? :thinking:

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I may give it a shot once on a streaming service. I’d definitely give it a shot if it was Tim Burton doing the remake. Though I can’t imagine Johnny Depp as Herman.

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