Enamel Pins of the Hosts?

I collect enamel pins. I pretty regularly cruise Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Facebook, etc. looking for MST3K-related pins.

With the introduction of Emily Connor, it got me thinkin’. Will there be an Emily pin created to go with the other hosts?

(See below for Joel, Mike, and Jonah.)


Unfortunately, the company that made those lost the license, so it would be up to someone else making the pins. I would love one, I also have a big collection of MSTie/Rifftrax pins and buttons.

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Oh boo. Maybe there could be a Kickstarter to produce a host set of pins to include not only Mike, Jonah, and Emily, but Joel the Younger and Joel the Elder!


Post a pic of your collection? This pic shows most of mine, but not quite all. I need to get them all up and on display!

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There have been a ton of enamel pin Kickstarters, so I suspect a whole new series of host and bot pins could be produced if Alternaversal wants to get behind it (or grant permission).


I’m on vacation at the moment, but when I get back home I’ll post mine.

I’m expecting a few Rifftrax buttons to have arrived in the mail once I’m back.


I got pins of the bots at the last live show! Also on vacay so I’ll have to send a picture when I get home. But I’ve never seen pins of the hosts, those look great!

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I finally got around to adding my new buttons and snapping a pic.


@Majorjoe23 - You have a Gypsy pin! I’m so jealous!

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I just found a couple new Bot pins I haven’t seen before, so I thought I’d share the link!

Robot Rollcall