Favorite real world reference in a cartoon….

Of a real or fictional character.

I’ll start.

In the Venture Brothers episode S1 E6 Dr. Venture says to his son Dean, “No more Night Stalker reruns for you Mister! They’re making you a nervous nelly!” (3:30ish)


This show has so many great ones.
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bugs and lauren


“I don’t remember any explosions in Bambi…”

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Not so much a fan of Family Guy anymore…don’t even know if it’s still on the air…but they did have a pretty good (but kind of stupid) take on one of the greats of “yell acting,” Robert Lllllllogia! Basically just a little riff on his name, for some reason.


Much like “Futurama”, when it came back, “Family Guy” was a shadow of its former self. But I do recall the Loggia bit.

“R as in Robert Loggia.”
“O as in, ‘Oh, my god! It’s Robert Loggia!’”
“B as in, 'By god, that’s Robert Loggia!”

It wasn’t funny but then it sort of was, as much of FG.

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Batman: The Brave & The Bold had quite a few good ones, from Batman teaming up with Jeffrey Ross to Bat-Mite replacing Aquaman’s regular voice actor John DiMaggio with Ted McGinley.


Mine’s from Venture Brothers, too, though it’s a visual reference not verbal: the scene at the UN with Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe randomly in the background, silver-tipped nose and all. Also Klaus Nomi and the girl from the Art of Noise ‘Close to the Edit’ video in another episode. They’re just there. I love it.