Finding episodes in the Roku app

EDIT: So that people don’t have to scroll through this whole post, here’s how to find episodes on a Roku in the MST3K App: Go to “Library”, click to the right and then click down until it goes to the hidden section that says “Purchased” and you’ll find your episodes. Enjoy! :grin:

I’m not sure if this has been covered or not here in the forums (I don’t see anything mentioned about it in the posts about Roku) but when I go to the MST3K app on my Roku, there’s literally no way to look at the episodes we have available to us without going to the “Search” section and typing in what we want to see. It only has a section for “Previews” for upcoming season 13 episodes, “Continue Watching” and “Library” which I thought would show me the episodes I have unlocked or purchased but it’s only for episodes we’ve manually added to our “Library” list.

So I thought that should be something mentioned, that there should be multiple sections available as soon as the app loads especially our own episodes that we already have unlocked and available to us. IF there’s no way to purchase episodes through this app then I understand not having a section with all available episodes but if we can purchase/rent through the app then there should be a section for that too. When I go to the Gizmoplex (not the Virtual Theater, just the Gizmoplex website) there’s a section to look at all episodes to purchase or rent. So I thought it should be in the app too but at the very least there should be a section in the app for the episodes we have unlocked or purchased already.



So the Roku app is probably accessing the VHX site, and yeah, it’s a bit cumbersome. With the Chromecast, if you click on Library, you see the “Vault Picks” the “Made More” and BroughtBack" bundles (assuming you have those bundles) clicking on those brings up the list of episodes.

Right now there doesn’t seem to be a way to sort episodes you own on the VHX site any other way. Not sure how much control the team has over this as it seems to be the way VHX has their site set up in general.

It’s been mentioned in a few KS updates and in some threads here in the forum that you cannot purchase episodes through the Roku app. You have to go through the website on another device to purchase/rent. Once you do that, those items will show up in the Roku app itself.

This is one reason the team built the Virtual Theater. On the upside, it is much easier access to the content you own. On the downside, the Virtual Theater site does not work with apps like Chromecast or Roku.


Thanx for the info. Like I said, the episodes I have available to me from the Ultimate BringBackMST3K and Ultimate MakeMoreMST3K Kickstarter episodes package rewards and episodes I’ve purchased aren’t listed on the Roku app either. We can access them by going to the search section and start typing the name of the episode and it’ll pop up and we can click it and it’ll play but otherwise there’s no other way to access them on the Roku. If the MST team has no way to adjust that then it is what it is and we have to deal with it. But if they can then I figured I’d mention it.

Thanx again for the reply. :grin:


If you click on the “Library” tab, you don’t see the bundle names? Something like this: (this is from the VHX website We have a Chromecast so the images are more exciting, but it looks basically the same)

Clicking the “View Product” you get the episodes themselves.


Nope. I’m looking at it from my television on a Roku device. So, the only options are “Search”, “Explore” and “Library”. “Explore” just has “COMING ATTRACTIONS: Season 13”, nothing else. “Library” just has “Resume” and there’s 3 things in the resume list that I’ve looked at before but not the last thing I was watching which was “The Incredibly Strange Creatures…” which I backed out of just now to look at the app again. So, the “Resume” isn’t even showing the most recent episode I was watching to resume it lol. And “Search” is a standard search field where if we start typing the episode name it’ll pop up with just a few letters typed in. That’s the only way to select episodes on the Roku device on my TV. There’s a “Settings” section at the bottom but that’s not for accessing episodes. So, this is why I felt it important to mention here in the forums. Cause some people might not think about the search field and might think there’s something wrong with the app since it’s not showing any of the episodes, we already have access to from the KS rewards or from purchasing unless they search for them.


OK I found it. In the “Library” section you have to click to the right and then click down until it goes to the “Purchased” section which is hidden unless you click the down arrow to go to it lol. That’s why I couldn’t see it.

So, for anyone using a Roku on their TV using the MST3K app, go to “Library”, click to the right and then click down until it goes to the hidden section that says “Purchased” and you’ll find your episodes lol.

Thanx! I probably wouldn’t have found it if we hadn’t been talking about it lol.


Oh good! Glad you figured it out. I wasn’t much help, but glad it’s sorted out now. :slight_smile:


No you were a HUGE help. Like I said, if we hadn’t been talking about it I probably wouldn’t have been messing with it and found that hidden “Purchased” section lol. Thanx!


I don’t think the MST3K App was always like this - Not that long ago, while you had to take the same steps to browse your episodes on the Roku, you could see the Purchased section without having to scroll. Something seems to have happened to the content that pushes it down further.