Friday The 13th (1980)

“Name the killer in Friday The 13th.” “Jason! Jason! Jason!” “I’m sorry. That’s the wrong answer!” “No, it’s not. No, it’s not. It was Jason.” “Afraid not. No way.” "Listen, it was Jason! I saw that movie “twenty god**** times!” “Then you should know Jason’s mother Mrs. Voorhees was the original killer! Jason didn’t show up until the sequel.” “And she only wanted to avenge the death of her son which makes the murders pretty justified when you think about it.” “Okay, interesting perspective I guess.” “I’m just saying walk a mile in Mrs. Voorhees shoes.” “Sail away tiny sparrow!!!” “Spread your wings and fly to the sun!!!” “Catch the wind!!!” “Don’t let your heart belong to anyone!!!” “Sail away!!!” Hacking in almost $60 Million and spawning so many sequels. The first of many or its own beast?

Trailer of Friday The 13th (1980).

Sail Away Tiny Sparrow.

Harry Manfredini’s Soundtrack to Friday The 13th (1980).

That last scene that made the movie.

Return to Crystal Lake: Making Friday The 13th.

What’s this from?

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The first few lines are quotes from the opening scene of Scream (1996), followed by small bits of a 1311 Host Segment on Friday The 13th (1980), and finished with lyrics from Sail Away Tiny Sparrow a song featured in Friday. I strove to capture the spirit of the movie using these pieces to sum up my feelings.

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Well ya did a bang up job there!

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I appreciate that. Movies are a love of mine. The artform, nuts and bolts, the entire medium. I adore it so MST3K is an extension and reflection of it and much of my creativity comes from how I distill and manipulate the aspects and communicate the essence of flicks in unorthodox ways. Quotes, advertising, one-liners, song lyrics, it’s all a language derived from something. I have an ear that can hear it. For what it’s worth.

Friday The 13th (1980) Filming Locations.

I remember playing this video game back in the day…

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