Funko POPs

OK, so there are Funko POPs for Crow, Servo, and the special rare Tom Serv-Crow.

I am assuming many of you would buy POPs for Gypsy, Waverly, Growler, the various Cambot iterations, all of the hosts, and all of the Mads (plus, maybe some of the recurring roles the cast & crew played), but rather than asking that question, I have a different one for you…

Have any of you bought any other already existing POPs that you now consider part of your MST3K collection?

For example, Universal’s Monster collection, for some reason, included a Metaluna Mutant (and yes, I know it’s out of print now).

Universal Monsters Metaluna Mutant Pop! Vinyl Figure (

Any other suggestions of already-existing POPs that would fit the collection?


If you hit this Funko pop in the brain, would it forget it’s piano lessons?


Piano lessons? What piano lessons? :wink:


Personally, I find the Pop dolls more than a little creepy… I mean, of course I have Crow and Servo (and a line on a Servcrow), but other than Bill Nye the Science Guy, that’s the limit for me. But yeah, if they made Pops of the other bots and the hosts and the mads, yes, I would get those too, creepy or not.

Seems a perfect way to commemorate Creepy Girl and the Creeping Terror, though! :laughing:


Oh man, a Creeping Terror Pop would be hilarious – just stuff a carpet scrap into a box and call it a day!


I only have a few Pops, but would be very tempted to buy a Bonehead Bobblehead.

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I got the rare Tom Serv-Crow Funko from the first Kickstarter. Which got me collecting a few more. Including Tom and Crow. And I also got Blackfire, Starfire as Batgirl, Carmen Sandiego, Sonic the Hedgehog, and just recently I purchased Golden Bender and Sly Cooper.

Anywho, I was thinking that the hosts would be Funko’d. Maybe also David Ryder, Prince of Space, Torgo, and Ator.

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I have about 35-40 Pops including the three MST ones. I have one signed by Alan Tudyk (from his role in Rogue One only to brag I have such a thing

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And Mr. B Natural. There should be a Mr B Pop.

There could also be a ‘Frequent Flyers’ line of the actors and directors who landed on the theater screen multiple times: Bela Lugosi, Ed Wood, Bert I Gordon, Roger Corman, Tor Johnson, Coleman Francis, Gamera, Godzilla…

Edit: Almost forgot Beverly Garland, Robert Z’Dar and Mamie Van Doren…


The only POP! I have is a K-9. So many of them just look … weird.

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