MST3K + Super 7 Toys - Let's make this happen!

Super 7 toys makes tons of toys based on TV shows and other pop culture. I think we need to get them to make MST3K figures, especially if they can be a kickstarter reward. I’m not a fan of the Funko Pops in general and the MST3K ones especially disappoint me. I want a Crow and Servo that are proportional and not full-sized versions that cost $500. Super 7 is a little on the pricey side for action figures, but it won’t cost me half my paycheck.

I already contacted Super 7 to make the suggestion and they did say they would look into it, but I’m also posting here to see if the folks at Alternaversal might pick up the idea. I am guessing Super 7 would be the ones paying for the licensing deal and manufacturing, so it would be a good PR move without any loss that I can see for Alternaversal.

I would request other people get in touch with Super 7 to ask if they’ll make MST3K figures. (Be nice about it!)

What does everyone else think?


It’s not something I’d be interested in (I have my few doodads, those Shout figures, and don’t need more), but I’m sure other fans would be into it.

And as far as contacting them, I wouldn’t want to pester them, to the point where they’d get sick of hearing from us MSTies. If they said they would look into it, that suffices.


I can’t speak for Super 7, but I know the company I work for pays attention if multiple people email about the same suggestion.


Let’s all email @FlyingSquid’s company and suggest they make MST3K stuff!


I can’t see why Super7 can’t take a punt on MST3K figures. Some of the figure lines they put out are VERY niche and seem like really odd choices; I imagine some of them don’t really sell well at all, and I’m sure MST3K would sell better than some of their existing stuff.


I’m all for this idea!!


In my head, Kenner picked up the license and produced a line from S1 to S5, ah… very similar to what it did with a certain space franchise. Including 4 playsets, one with rubber band swivel doors :wink:

Sadly the ‘ReAction’ line is horrible sculpting work… even by comparison to older lines, they’d have to re-think their approach to figure looks to justify the 20/pop.



I’ve been a fan of Super7’s offerings e er since they took over MOTU Classics, and I collect a few of their Ultimates lines. MST3K Ultimates is one of my big wants! I actually made a suggestion for MST3K on one of their Facebook posts for the Metaluna Mutant, it’d be a perfect fit!

One question I have, however, is how to do the bots. Ultimates figures are about $55 a pop, so would you rather have a $55 Tom Servo but he’s loaded down with alternate heads, bodies, and accessories to make almost ANY version of Servo that appeared on-screen, or would you prefer him to be an accessory/2-pack with Joel or Mike?


I’d like a multi-pack like they do with some other figures.


Cool, so how about this loadout for a Crow/Servo 2-pack:

Tom Servo - swivel joints at the head, arms, hands, and “waist” (hover skirt), articulated jaw

Comes with the following accessories:
Standard clear head
Frosted “Gizmoplex” head
Thin head
Freaky “real” head
Damaged head
Soft goods tuxedo
Soft goods Ma Clampet outfit (JEEEEEEED!)
Butterfly parts (wings, antennae, probuscus)
Underwear collection

Crow T. Robot - swivel articulation at the neck, wrists, and waist. Ball joints at shoulders, elbows, thighs, knees, and feet. Articulated jaw. Can detach at waist and be placed on an included stand to simulate look from host segments. “Hair net” can detatch and be placed upside-down for “fancy look”.

Comes with the following accessories:
Standard head
Damaged head
Burning head (with clear plastic fire)
Bear head
Mile-high meringue pie
Hard hat
Soft goods tuxedo
Soft goods bear costume
Soft goods Bellarian costume
Soft goods “Turkey Volume Guessing Man” costume
“You Know You Want Me, Baby” t-shirt w/box
Sensible brown pants
“What Is A Woman” slides

The set could be re-purposed as an all-black “theater” set (Crow doubles as Timmy), Christmas set, and KTMA set with appropriate new accessories.

What do you think, sirs?


Crow absolutely needs to come with his spec script ‘Earth vs Soup’.


D’oh! I meant to include the EvS script and forgot. That’s what I get for typing this out at midnight!


Sounds good to me.


I love the idea!


Super7 has been advertising the new version of the Metaluna Mutant on Facebook. Might be a good place to leave them a comment.