Fuse beads and other pixel crafts

I was shopping for wind chimes and found a set of molds for making resin ones, but I’m not into doing crafts that can spill and that are TOXIC, so I bowed out of that one. BUT, I did find a video of someone who made fuse bead wind spinners, and I’m thinking, ‘Hm, I could probably make wind chimes that way!’

And then came the whole crafty rabbit hole (you know what I mean, don’t you?) and I ended up buying a 48 color fuse bead set and a bunch of cross stitch patterns on Etsy, and voila! Fine are bead paintings!

I need to work on my ironing skills, but not bad for a first try.


Say, is that a Monet? :face_with_monocle:




I’ve done three diamond art projects. The first was a splashy hummingbird. Then this one because it reminded me of my mom after she passed:

Then I found this one, which reminded me of the tiles I wanted but didn’t buy when I was in Portugal (it’s 17"x17", so it took so many diamonds):

They’re supposed to be relaxing, but I found myself anxious to get a bag done at once. Which was especially hard on the last one. I’m taking a break for a while or forever.


I’ve found diamond painting to be very Zen-like, but nothing is fun if you put pressure on yourself.

Those are both lovely!


Kinda’ looks like little floating space-pixies. But that’s nice, too.

My spillable, toxic dream medium is wax painting aka Encaustic art. Brought a book home to goggle at several years ago. Learned quick that you really need a separate workshop space with tons of ventilation, a locking door that pets and children can’t outwit, three fire extinguishers, and so on. Case closed on pursuing that. [sigh]


I did small Giftmas Ornaments as package tie-ons, this past holiday season.
This craft is, oddly, compelling.


My living room is decorated in diamond paintings and there are a bunch more in the closet that I don’t have room for. I intend to rotate them at some point.