Giant Monster Reptilicus

So in honor of the last day of Giant Monster Month, I watched Reptilicus. Boy does this take me back. It’s been a few years since I watched it and definitely brought a flood of memories.

For one, nostalgia. While it was not that long ago, this was the first new MST3K in forever. And at the time I was too happy to have any complaints except about the film itself. (of which there are none, flawless masterpiece)

But wow, yeah. Now I get what everyone was saying all along about the pacing. There were some great riffs in there, strong outing. But I was mentally crossing out about every other riff. I think the episode would have really been helped by some judicious editing. Not only are there no beats between riffs, but the line reading were rushed as well. Almost like they had no time to pace it before the next one. Even the door sequence was faster than I am used to.

But what this really did is help me appreciate the current season. With some spot-on pacing and a bit more of a causal feel to the jokes. Not quite as reactionary as the classic stuff, but definitely more natural than Reptilicus. Not that there was anything wrong with it. Still a great episode that led to more greatness up till today.

But that does end with a question I have. Can people watch the Netflix shows with a Gizmoplex pass? I assume that they are not part of the “free classics” going on this year, but can anybody new here watch them? Or just us old farts?


I have season 11 available in the Gizmoplex, but it looks to be as one of my Kickstarter rewards from backing the season 11 KS.


S11 and S12 are only available in the Gizmoplex to those who bought them here—I have S11 because of the first Kickstarter, but not S12 which I purchased elsewhere. Only seasons 1-10 are available to everyone for free.

ETA: @Vader types faster than I do.


If only you knew the WPM of the dark side!

This makes sense. While all the episodes are jammed together in the Virtual theatre, seasons 11 and 12 have their own entry on the Gizmoplex outside of the Season Pass.