Gizmoplex Apps For Comcast/Xfinity?

Would it be possible for you guys to create a Gizmoplex App for Comcast Xfinity X1 Cable Boxes/Streaming Devices like the ones you’re working on for other platforms or would there be too much legal red tape to have to cut through?


I hope so. Shout has been distributing some of Universal’s movies, but I think getting an app on their parent company’s cable box would be a tall order for Comcast to negotiate with SOL LLC.


I am hoping for something available at the Google App Store, since my current cable box is really more of a streaming video device and allows me to download software directly to it. Failing that, something compatible with Chromecast would also be nice. (Chromecast is theoretically capable of streaming from any web page, but the video quality is invariably cruddy.)


Second the vote for Chromecast support!