GIzmoplex is confusing

This interface is way too complicated and over designed … i get the whole experience aspect to it it but honestly just keep it simple, log in list movies. Every level looks the same and there is no way to know where the stairs lead you. Thanks


If you click on the Cambot in the upper right-hand corner, it will take you to a simple interface. It’s not as complex and it’s pretty simple.


Two ideas come to mind.

First, you can go to and get a fairly standard streaming service experience. That site’s never going away, you should always be able to use it if you just want to watch the show.

The other suggestion – every room of the virtual theater is its own webpage. If you like the options that the virtual theater gives you, but you don’t want to have to explore the whole building every time, you can just bookmark the video fridge page and jump right to it every time.

To get to the video fridge:

  • Click Cambot in the upper-left corner of the screen. He’s currently hovering right next to the word “BETA”.

  • Select “MY VIDEOS” from the Quicknav that pops up.

  • You’re there! Bookmark that page and you can jump straight to your collection every time.

(Edit: Changed the Virtual Theater instructions to reflect the new version of the website and to offer a simpler way to reach the video fridge.)