Just Relaxing with the Help of My Friends

If I commiserate with MST3K friends and fans here online, maybe I can overcome my obsessions with some MST3K movie inconsistences and problems that I feel were not sufficiently criticized by the riffs. Will you share in my grievances or remind me that it is only a show and I should really just relax?

Example: In Space Mutiny, Lea Jensen (the captain’s daughter) is tortured dentally by Kalgan so that she will tell him the ship’s countermeasures. During the torture scene, MacPhearson enters the room and congratulates Kalgan on the woman’s capture. However, later in the movie, when Sting, Debbie Reynolds, God and Steak Beefchest are talking, they reveal that MacPhearson knows the ship’s countermeasures. So why didn’t MacPhearson just tell Kalgan he knew the countermeasures, to save Kalgan the time of torturing Lea or so Kalgan could just get on with taking over the ship?!?


I feel you. I can’t ignore some mistakes in films. I have a great deal of trouble with movies that wreck the science, especially geology. I can usually tolerate this stuff in B-movies, because no one claims they are supposed to be good. So I can see how this would be a problem. If I am not mistaken, it sounds really awful!

Maybe you should look up some anxiety-control techniques online. Or better yet, watch the episodes with friends, and warn them you need to rant. :smiley:


Why in the world wasn’t the female lead in Eegah named either Vickie or Valerie? That way, at least one of Arch Jr.'s songs might have made a little bit of sense in context.


Forget mistakes in movies; most of the movies that got the MST3K/RiffTrax treatment were mistakes in their entirety.