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Anyone have some good stories about events that took place during the live events? The ones I went to had great, friendly people and were a lot of fun, but I imagine some of you must have some interesting stories to tell :rofl:


Back in 2018, my friends and I went to the 30th Anniversary Tour in Nashville. What was really cool, it landed on Halloween! The MST3K cosplay was on a level I’ve never seen outside of a convention.


At the Dallas live show, Joel was tooling around on his guitar at the start playing the MST3K theme. I shouted out “Freebird!” and he actually started playing it.


At the last show in Eugene, I was sitting next to a woman who had been given a VIP ticket (it was her birthday) but had not gotten the email telling her the meet-and-greet was before the show, not after. She was very sad. I asked her if I told her a worse awful birthday story, would that cheer her up? She said, ‘Maybe?’

So I told her about the time I went to New Zealand for The Hobbit premiere and got food poisoning and missed it (the premiere party was on my birthday - Elijah Wood and Peter Jackson were there). I spent the whole day throwing up repeatedly.

I don’t know if it made her feel better, but at least she knew someone once had it worse than her.

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The only live riffing event I ever attended was when RiffTrax came to London, to do Plan 9 and Samurai Cop. When I managed to get a ticket (for Samurai Cop, the late show), I could only get an aisle seat on the left-hand side of the cinema, so I assumed I wouldn’t see much of the guys, as they have been on the right in all the live show videos I’ve seen.
Then, as the lights dimmed, Mike, Kevin and Bill strolled down the left aisle and riffed from a position where I had an almost perfect view!
A great night out - probably the first since I’d been made redundant shortly beforehand - and the only downside was that I woke up the next morning with a stinking cold. Worth it.
Now, when are MST3K crossing the Atlantic?

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Our venue for the 2019 live tour is a theater that has season ticket holders. It was Valentine’s Day and the 3 rows in front of us had no one under the age of 75 sitting there, which was obvious that those were the season ticket holder seats. You could tell from the posture and profiles that they were not at all understanding what was going on! After the intermission for some reason those rows were all empty!

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Sounds like free closer seats to me! :slight_smile:

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The view did improve, yes!