"Manos" with The Mads discussion

Here’s a place to discuss tonight’s livestream of “Manos” with The Mads. Can’t wait to see it!


58 minutes to go… popcorn will be ready.


I’ve learned to tune in early or you miss all the drive-in trailers and the snack bar ads :slight_smile:


I’ve learned to wait to have dinner until the pre-show starts so that when the snack bar ads make me crave something, I won’t have already eaten.

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And here’s a link to the semi-official
Satellite of Love
livestream chat.

(I hope I did the link right.)

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Is there a special guest tonight?

The print does look great

Better than the movie deserves.

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Yes it’s Jackey Neyman Jones, Debbie herself from the movie.

I always wait and download the show so I’ll be catching it a little later…

Oh, man: “The blooper reel is the same as the real picture”


Now I think I’ll queue up Joel’s version to round out the night.