Movie Jo Night with Mary Jo Tonight

Mary Jo will be watching Satan’s Triangle tonight on Twitch:


From the awesome @Chris_Gersbeck

Just to clear up any confusion about tonight’s Movie Jo Night event:

At 8pm ET head to The Mary Jo Pehl Show Twitch channel:

Have Amazon Prime? Great! When we start the movie Twitch will ask you to login with your credentials and the movie will play in sync. That’s it!

Don’t have Amazon Prime? Keep the Twitch channel open so you can hear MJ, and watch SATAN’S TRIANGLE in sync courtesy of the Satellite of Love Discord Server:

Need tech support or want to chat along with the Satellite of Love Discord Server? Join the server here:

Fear that you’ll forget and want an email reminder? RSVP here:

Also a reminder that Twitch seems to run smoothest when you have a strong internet connection.


wish i could have signed up for this because without a ticket or a reminder i cant remember these events. next time