MST3K Comic on your phone?

Hey there. Got a comic question. I was trying to get a digital backup copy of the MST3K comic I could read on my phone. I already have a physical copy and I don’t have a Kindle. Tried to buy it from the Dark Horse site and discovered this…

Do you guys know a way I can read the comic on my phone? Thanks.


You could download the Comixology app on your phone and that would allow you to read a Kindle version purchased from Amazon. Mystery Science Theater 3000 eBook : Hodgson, Joel, Buchholz, Harold, McGinnis, Matt, Nauck, Todd, Manly, Mike: Kindle Store


Apparently Kindle For Android isn’t compatible with my Android phone. Makes sense.

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All I can say is it’s about time all the MSTies in Iran and North Korea got something.


Ok. I finally got it to work, but it was a bit more convoluted than it needed to be. Thanks Majorjoe23.