THE MOVIE IS UP AT THE GIZMOPLEX!!! the live stream is 2 hours away when you read this.


This episode had a different release. It’s been available all day. MSTies who can’t (or don’t want to) make the 8pm EST launch event can still enjoy it at their leisure.


Just don’t drop any spoilers for those of us watching later on! :heart:


That’s part of the Gizmoplex’s new episode schedule system! It’s meant for MSTies who can’t otherwise join the livestream tonight at 8 PM ET.

It came up in Kickstarter update #68:

To cover the highlights:

Since we know that live events at 8pm ET aren’t accessible for everyone, we’ve got a new plan that should make it easier – and more convenient – to accommodate different schedules.

Starting tomorrow, here’s how we’ll release NEW EPISODES & SHORTS:

  • The EPISODE SCREENER will be released at 12:01am ET on the day of the event . Screeners will include closed captions, but no additional content (e.g. sponsor ads, intermission, etc).
  • The LIVESTREAM PREMIERE will begin at 8:00pm ET , for those who want to watch live with the community. The livestream version will include additional content, like an intermission and sponsor segments, but will not have closed captions.
  • The LIVE AFTERSHOW will begin around 9:30pm ET , or as soon as the episode is done. Can’t make it to the premiere when it starts? Watch the episode earlier in the day, and you’ll be able to join the livestream late and catch the live discussion afterward!

All we ask is that viewers avoid posting anything spoiler-y out of consideration for those people who haven’t seen the episode and plan to see it as part of tonight’s livestream at 8 PM ET.

If you have any thoughts/observations/comments on Munchie that are even the SLIGHTEST bit spoiler-y, please use the Blur Spoiler function to hide those spoilers to preserve the fun and enjoyment for the folks who have yet to see the episode. Thank you!


There will be an official thread started by @Lesley for the episode.


I watched it this morning. My non-spoiler opinion is that it’s probably my favorite Jonah episode since Wizards of the Lost Kingdom.


I’ll be watching the livestream after I eat.


Alas, going through the Kingadome doesn’t work for me. I can see the ticket and all but pressing “PLAY” doesn’t make anything happen. Oh, well. I can still see it by going directly through the regular Gizmo-site.

I honestly can’t tell if this is a Firefox thing, or just our usual spotty, annoying internet. :person_shrugging:

My review of Munchie is now up:

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Yeah it’s ready for download!!
I sure hope Munchie doesn’t make a mess of my hard drive

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I’m gonna download it just so I can delete it. Haters gonna hate. :laughing:

(Seriously though, thanks for the reminder. I don’t know that I’ve downloaded anything from the new season yet!)

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Dowload is crazy slow. I wonder if a ton of people are downloading it.

Edit: Oh, duh. My VPN was on.

Oh no me too. No wonder. Now I’m so far in I don’t want to stop it

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Okay, I need a refresher on downloading these things from the Gizmoplex. I think the reason I haven’t downloaded anything yet is that I can’t figure out where to do it!

EDIT: Scratch that, I found it! Now to start the queue…

Whoa! I automatically go for the highest resolution file when downloading these, so I was surprised to see Munchie land at 8 gigabytes! Lo and behold, it’s a 1440 resolution file. I can see the visually sumptuous* Doctor Mordrid in this mode. But Munchie? I’d rather see less of this film, if possible. Could you provide a 96x64 pixel animated GIF version instead?

* sumptuous by Full Moon standards, which means overlaid bright lights and mid-range stop-motion effects