Mystery Science Pathfinder 3k Act III - The Play by Post Campaign that Would Not Die

This thread is the second continuation of a Play by Post Pathfinder campaign. As before it is primarily intended for the players who are taking part in the campaign, but we do have a dedicated peanut gallery as well. If you would like to post in this thread, please review the rules below (Google docs):

It may also be helpful if you are familiar with out campaign background. Here is a link to the thread for the first act of the campaign:

And a link to the thread for the second act of the campaign:

One final note, before we get on with the Act 2 synopsis: The rules state that up to 8 characters will be accepted into the party, and we are currently at 7 players. While that technically leaves us room for one more character, the current party size does make for some logistical headaches. If there is someone who would really like to join in on the fun as a character, I am open to adding another to the roster. Just send me a DM, and let me know what you if you are interested, and we will see if your character concept fits.

I will start this thread for real with a synopsis of Act 2, and the Cast of (Player) Characters. After that we will likely post a review of some of the currently relevant NPCs.

Link to the party equipment page:


Act 2 synopsis:

We continued to follow the adventures of an intrepid band of unlikely companions, who against all odds had recently defeated a powerful Devil that threatened the small town of Telhain. Having done so with such kindness and care, their heroic actions have brought them all manner of renown and have attracted others who would aid them.

Not long after the young Wizard, and ostensible leader of the group, Bonnidyr Kennison discovered that the disappearance of her friend might have a connection with the mysterious tower known to the locals as The Devil’s Bargain, she was confronted by a charismatic warrior who immediately pledged her life to protect her.

The beautiful blonde fighter, Doryen Hawkmoon was obviously addled of mind, but found acceptance from Bonnie, if also a bit of suspicion from some of the more cautious party members. Venturing forth into the tower once again, they found the tower had changed in their absence. Drow scouts attacked them before they could return to the full depths they had previously delved, and they found one area of interest had been walled off entirely.

Following another clue, an illusory wall in tunnels found outside of the tower, the party was once again set upon by Dark Elves. This time Johnny barely spotted the Drow ambush before the party was set upon. A hard fought battle ensued, in which a Drow Magus nearly ended the life of the party’s newest member, Dory. The party was victorious, however, and found that the Dark Elves were connected to KEY, an organization that had once captured and tortured the lively Dwarven warrior and connoisseur of pancakes, Coleman.

Not able to celebrate their victory for long, the party found the tower changing while they were still nearby. A wall came crashing down, and when Medio went to investigate, he found clockwork constructs, already known to be allied with the Drow, issuing forth. Caution being the better part of valor, the party retreated back to town in order to heal up, and better equip themselves for their upcoming challenges.

Returning to the tower, they found the clockworks hard at work remodeling entire floors of the structure. These new adversaries called themselves the Artificer’s Conclave, and proved to be jealous guardians of their newly claimed territory, as well as prodigious trap layers. Fighting through the first defenses of the clockworks, the party came to a prison where The Conclave held captives to work in their mines. The slaves were mostly Grimlocks, who held the party in high esteem, but among them was a deceitful Drow named Laele who claimed to be a Temple Guard and wove a tale of love and betrayal for them.

The party was quick witted, however, and spotted her lies. They eventually got her to admit to being an assassin, who was given over to the clockworks by her own people because of her own actions. Having confessed to her lies, Laele became an ally of convenience, helping the party to defeat her captors, and providing them information about a former prisoner whom the gnomish bard Mart has been intent on finding (named Fizzkettle) as well as KEY, for whom she had worked as an assassin.

Laele provided the party with information on another kind of key. One that would allow them to switch off the huge machine that The Conclave had brought in to excavate their mines, Big Dig. After stealing the key for them, Laele gave it to the party’s flying automaton companion, Torgo. Torgo then used the key not to turn off Big Dig, but to gain full control of the clockwork. With the aid of Big Dig, the party was able to defeat the bosses the Conclave had set to control the prison and mine.

Among the Grimlocks the party liberated, they have gained a new companion. Once known as Leaps-like-a-frog, he is now simply Frog, and aspires to learn how to fight and kill bosses like the ‘Boss Killaz’ he idolizes.

Laele has left to pursue her own goals, but the party has a number of unanswered questions, chief among them, what was actually in the tattered journal found with Fizzkettle’s belongings?



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Cast of (Player) Characters:

Bonnidyr “Bonnie” Kennison – A teen-aged Human Wizard, who is searching for her lost friend.

Francis Coleman – A beardless Dwarven fighter who is searching for Chair of KEY Jack (now known to be a Drow named Cerice Jakk), and an elusive bottle or two of maple syrup.

Johnny Law – A Halfling rogue, who is searching for loot.
Screen Shot 2023-03-29 at 1.50.59 PM

LA – A Half-elf Cleric/Warpriest who is searching for enlightenment from his goddess Desna as he wanders the land. Pictured below with his companion morning star, Lucille:

Mart Eden-Prairie – A Gnome Bard who is searching for an investigator who went missing in the tower.

Medio – A Halfling Rogue/Wizard who is searching for vindication from past events that branded him as a criminal.

Doryen “Dory” Hawkmoon - A stunningly tall and beautiful Human Fighter, who has pledged her sword to Bonnie, and is searching for herself.

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  1. stated or appearing to be true, but not necessarily so.
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I discovered recently that there is a time limit on how long you are able to edit posts, so now I get to see what happens when an old, locked post with images in it is transcribed in a new thread. (I still have all the images saved, so I can easily re-upload them in the appropriate spots if needed.)

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Absolutely, you did a great job before, so go ahead an post the dramatis personae.

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More like little Miss Bossypants.


That’s more like it.


Do you want to be leader?
No, Randall, we agreed. No leaders.
Right. Then shut up and do what I tell you.


Always a charmer. Medio still doesn’t trust her, especially now that she has said it twice. He growls to himself.


@CleverPete This was cross-posted as I was creating the new thread:

How much damage was done to the stonework when the bolted plates were pried out of the stone?

There are a couple of pretty big chips in the stonework that wouldn’t have been there if more care were taken to remove the bolts, but the bolts did enough damage by themselves that it hardly matters.


:star: :star: :crossed_swords: DRAMATIS PERSONAE :crossed_swords: :star: :star:

“Old Ori” – Human Local Color. He’s colorful! What color exactly? Depends on the day…

“He likes liquor, is what he means.” -Michael J. Nelson.

:crossed_swords: :shield: HEROES AND ALLIES :shield: :crossed_swords:

Torgo – Construct Sorcerer. Hero of Telhain, Breaf Weapon Twin, Brave Companion.


Torgo was the first soul to suffer from Sylvio Imbrex’s decision to undertake his ill-fated attempt at summoning magic – other than Imbrex himself, who is probably not much enjoying his Infernal Reward. His master/creator’s almost-immediate death left Torgo without purpose and all alone, hiding in a barrel. The party surprised him on their first day in the Tower, and what could have ended tragically instead became an important friendship – perhaps the most important friendship they have made so far.

He was thought to be Imbrex’s Homunculus – a magical assistant bonded irrevocably to the life of their creator – and indeed has some of the same talents and inclinations, like a bite that can put enemies to sleep instantly. But he has not only survived the death of his master, rare among homunculi, but thrived in the party’s company. It was later revealed that he is actually a Construct and has many other secrets still to be discovered. His magic powers are formidable and continue to grow as he matures.

Torgo is closely bonded with all the party members, especially Mart (whose music he loves) and Bonnie (his “breaf weapon twin.”) Dory was instantly charmed by him, and has made it her purpose to treat him as an equal party member. She quickly enlisted him as Bonnie’s co-protector, and styles him her “Brave Companion.” Medio is also fascinated by him as a very special, possibly unique Construct, and always calls him “Torgo the Extraordinary;” Medio’s repair abilities have already been put to good use in helping keep Torgo fit and well.

Alegwynne Jenyre – Half-Elven Druid. Hero of Telhain, and protector of its wild environs.


The townsfolk of Telhain used to call Alegwynne a wicked witch, and their distrust pushed her away to a solitary life with only infrequent and sometimes unpleasant contact with the settlement. She serves the Green Mother and this sometimes puts her at odds with the desires of the farming community, as she advocates fiercely for the wild creatures she protects. Bonnie and the party chose to take her part and become her friend, and she battled and defeated the devils alongside them, saving the community that had rejected her. This seems to have reawakened a desire to connect in the shy - but quite beautiful - druid, and Dory supports this project with enthusiasm, on both a community level and a (very) personal one.

Third Sword Nevil “Devil” Paullus – Human Champion. Hero of Telhain, Sword Knight of Iomedae.


Nevil was placed in the party’s way – literally – by what at the time looked like proper orders from his direct superior, Inquisitor Petreia. A local boy from nearby Dunholme, he and his partner Zeclas (q.v.) were attached to Petreia’s detail after a personal request, arriving in Telhain and promptly being given mostly scutwork to do. Charged with preventing the party from getting back into the Tower, after some conversations with Bonnie and the encouragement of Zec, who was already suspicious they were being lied to, Nevil found enough wiggle room in his orders to let them walk out of the Tower after they “snuck” in using a magic portal and learned a bit more about what was happening.

Eventually both Nevil and the party became convinced Petreia was not who she seemed, and after sending Zec away for reinforcements that they could trust, Nevil forced a confrontation with her in the town square as she prepared to hang Brother Lito (q.v.) “Petreia” then revealed herself as the Cabal Devil Unilla in disguise, and a HUGE battle took place between the Heroes of Telhain and the devils and their lackeys. Zec returned with a dozen Silver Knights to find the Heroes victorious, thanks in large part to Nevil’s personal courage and the timely aid of Alegwynne (q.v.)

The party also knows some of the pair’s previous history together, which was sketched out here.

Third Sword Zeclas “Zec” Savid – Human Champion. Sword Knight of Iomedae, Nevil’s partner.

Zeclas Savid


Zeclas, or “Zec” as he is affectionately known, is a trusted partner to Nevil Paullus – possibly in several senses of the word, though he is not eager to highlight any more intimate connection among people he doesn’t know. Sent to find help, Zec missed the battle with the devils, but arrived in time to find his partner battered but alive. He then showed a level of tender care that might’ve led to gossip among any watchers who weren’t equally glad to still be alive.

In any case, he and “Devil” are generally inseparable, and make a striking pair that you would not want to face down in a fight. They work very well together, and it took both of them reinforcing each other’s feelings and doubts to get them to exceed their orders and side with the party against what appeared to be their lawful commander. Two heads are better than one, and their partnership has stood the test of time, as detailed in their larger history, sketched out here.

Warden Garris Naefaren – Elven Fighter. Silver Warden of Verduran, Devil Hunter


Warden Garris introduced himself to the party in a manner that did not undermine the stereotype of the Elves as slightly smug know-it-alls whose pants are excessively fancy in any way, waiting for them at the entrance to the Tower (where they had just escaped a very trying encounter) and implying they were out of their depth. His pants are silver and his cloak is white and silver and Coleman in particular found him a little insufferable. Luckily, Bonnie played nice, Coleman sobered up, and Garris’s specialty is hunting devils, so they came to an accord.

Garris and some other Wardens took care of a secondary problem while the Heroes of Telhain were winning their battle in the square, busting up an altar dedicated to the Cult of Rozaceal that had attracted new recruits from the area and was proving a hot spot for animal sacrifice, with worse in the offing if it was not stopped. The party did not actually see this happen, but Alegwynne (q.v.) later confirmed that the altar had been destroyed and the cultists who did not fall in the battle at Telhain were scattered. Garris and the other Silver Wardens are sure to be seen again as the hunt for the devils who are still running around loose heats up.

Laele Mizzryn – Drow Slayer. Former Velvet Blade, now seeking a new path in the light

Laele Mizzrym


The party encountered Laele at her most desperate – imprisoned by the Conclave and being worked to death in a mine. Her Dark Elf brethren had decreed this to be her fate as the consequence of a botched murder plot she was to perpetrate against the Drow Magus Decena X’ryc – already dispatched by the party – which she undertook for love of the Magus’ husband Drav.

She gladly seized the opportunity offered by the party’s incursion into Conclave territory and won her freedom – though not their unconditional trust – by aiding the party in defeating the Clockworks running her prison and the attached mine. Her stealth and speed were critical in turning the tide of battle, allowing the party to win the victory without a single casualty.

With no future left among her people, Laele decided to pursue a future in the light on her own, despite offers from Dory and Bonnie to aid and guide her. Dory did secure a promise (styling it a “contract” to protect the Drow’s prickly pride) that Laele will contact her when she has found her path; she feels a kinship with the Dark Elf despite their very different attitudes, and calls her “sister.”

:moneybag: :beer: MERCHANTS AND TOWNSFOLK :beer: :moneybag:

Branim Bloodforge – Dwarven Innkeeper. Owner/Operator of the Devil’s Rest Inn in Telhain



Branim is a cheerful sort, full of hospitality and enthusiastic about his ale – deservedly so, as it is excellent. The unofficial mayor of Telhain, he has contacts all over town and is happy to guide young adventurers looking for advice about the locals, and the local gossip. He’s also Bonnie and Dory’s boss of sorts, as both of them help out at the Inn (for tips and for free, respectively) when not out battling evil.

Raegar Bloodforge – Dwarven Blacksmith. Owner and Master Craftsman, Bloodforge Armory.



Raegar is Branim’s cousin and the two of them are quite friendly. Raegar is newly arrived in Telhain and is currently operating out of a temporary, wagon-based forge on the Rest’s lot. Temporary or not, he’s well-stocked and prepared to buy or sell at a fair price. Branim gave him one month to find a permanent site; two weeks in, he’s still looking. Something underground would be his preference.

Snorri – Dwarven Blacksmith. Apprentice at the Bloodforge Armory.



Snorri is also kin to the Bloodforges, or possibly one of their family friends. His father sent him to Raegar to learn smithing, but Snorri likes to read. Romances, mostly. He’s a good kid and a hard worker, if a bit prone to sneak away to get a few more pages turned on the sly. Dory likes him.

Razahl Envesior – Kitsune Wizard. Proprietor, Razahl’s Shop of Mystical Wonders


Until very recently, nobody in Telhain knew that the jocular, story-telling owner of the town’s magic shop wasn’t an elderly Human at all, but a shape-shifting Kitsune. It is still a secret to everybody but the party, and they have promised to keep it that way. Razahl and Bonnie share another secret – a secret enemy that has caused each of them to search Golarion looking for their missing loved ones. He believes the Aether Tower they are exploring is connected to his problem, and has promised and provided much material aid to the party. He has even thrown them a discount or two!

Tadeo Envesior – Kitsune Wizard. Apprentice, assistant, and grandson to Razahl.


Handsome Tadeo is an equally handsome humanoid fox, and made an early connection with Bonnie. He is dedicated to the search for his cousin Hana, taken by the same fiends who stole away with Bonnie’s best friend Wanderlea, and he convinced his grandfather to bring the party into their circle of trust in the hopes she might be found. Like his grandfather, he finds pretty ladies distracting and is often kept busy to keep his eyes from wandering. Sometimes it works.

Brother Lito – Human Priest. Leader of Telhain’s faith community, an Arodenite.

Brother Lito


Brother Lito is of stout heart and stout physique both, but as the power of his position derives solely from the trust of his congregation, rather than the magic and other gifts of Clerics and Warpriests, he quickly found himself overmatched when caught in the middle of a plot hatched by devils. He very nearly got his neck stretched before the Heroes of Telhain saved the day. But there are many kinds of heroes, and he serves his community ably with the gifts he does have, compassion foremost among them. He has recently asked LA to serve as the party’s liaison to the religious and civil authorities of Telhain, and is a reliable and trustworthy view into their thinking.

Sheriff Drogo Thornburrow – Halfling Constable. Local LEO for the Telhain area. Cop eyes.


Sheriff Thornburrow has a big beat and a lot to handle with very few resources. Accordingly, he sometimes saves time by coming to quick judgements, and his introduction to the party was mixed at best. On the one hand, the Heroes of Telhain had just saved the town from devils, thugs, and cultists. On the other hand, he didn’t know them and thought they looked kinda raggedy, and didn’t care if they knew it. On the gripping hand, he paid the party a 500 gp bounty for delivering a criminal without them even having to ask. It’s a complicated relationship.

He has also clashed with Alegwynne (q .v.), who seems to find him inflexible and unwilling to see all sides of a question. As an ally he is unproven, but he seems to be on the up-and-up.

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Nice! Those image links are apparently permanent, so all I needed to do was add Laele’s story and it was all good.

I don’t think we ever got a first name for the Drow Magus though. Her surname came up a few times, but that seems to have been it.

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Dory might get upset if you keep pronouncing her girlfriend’s name wrong. It is ‘Alegwynne’, her full name being Alegwynn Jenyre. Gwyn works as well.

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Coleman remembers her name. Ale with a Gwynne on the end.

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Her nickname should be “Meadgwynne”


Glad to get that on the record, and I’ll correct it immediately!

I am often led astray by alternate spellings of NPC names in different posts – some of which come from the GM… :eyes: For example, Laele’s surname ended with an “n” a few times, but “m” was how it read in her intro post, so that’s canon as far as I’m concerned. :laughing:

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I don’t think I did ever give her full name, but the Magus was Decena X’ryc, not that it matters much now. Laele could have filled in that info.

And the name on Laele’s sheet is ‘Laele Mizzryn’, so if I added an ‘m’ to the end, that was a typo.

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Dory has tried to avoid using this familiar form specifically because she’s so close to Alegwynne. She has a special pet name in mind, but will have to see how it flies the next time they have a fully-RP’d date.

Speaking of which, will Dory be seeing Gwyn at the Rest tonight? Their bullet-pointed get-together last night ended with Dory saying that she should come to town whenever she needed companionship, but no specific invitation.

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