Mystery Science Pathfinder 3k Act II - A Continuing Play By Post Campaign

This thread is the continuation of a Play by Post Pathfinder campaign, and is primarily intended for the players who are taking part in the campaign. As the previous thread was nearing the post limit, we are starting a new thread that will hopefully take us through Act II of the campaign. Here is a link to the original thread:

That thread will be locked once this thread is up and running, but it will still be useful for reference to past events.

The first few sections of the rules can be found in the initial post from that thread, and I am providing a link to the full rules document here:

As noted in the rules, we currently have a limit of 8 players, although there are only 6 at the time of this writing. If you would like to join the fun as a player, just send me a DM, and I will let you know if there is a slot open. We also have a nice, friendly peanut gallery here, so feel free to join them even if you aren’t sure about playing. Just make sure you review the section in the rules on the Peanut Gallery before doing so.

Next I will be posting a synopsis of the first Act, followed by the Cast of (Player) Characters, which I planned to keep updated as players join and/or leave the group.


Act 1 synopsis:

The Devil’s Bargain, a mysterious tower buried in a rocky hill outside of the small town of Telhain, in the Empire of Taldor, remained unopened for a millennia until an event within breached the walls of the exposed top floor.

Several interesting characters who each had something of an interest in the tower for their own reasons, were staying nearby at the Devil’s Rest, the only Inn in Telhain, when the event occurred. They banded together to investigate the tower, and soon found that a true Devil had been released from the tower, threatening Telhain, and the surrounding countryside.

As they delved further, they encountered an evil Imp named Rose, who was the familiar of the conjurer who summoned and released the Devil (and died in the process). Rose managed to escape from the party, put began putting her nefarious schemes into action outside of the tower by partnering with another mysterious Devil known only as “The Nemesis”.

The summoner had also crafted an interesting construct that at first appeared to be a normal Homunculus. After adopting the Homunculus as a mascot of sorts, naming it Torgo (he took care of the place while the Master was away), the party soon came to find out that Torgo was much more than expected. He is in fact a very young member of an extra-planar race of automatons. Torgo decided to stay with the party when given a chance to return to his home plane and has since become a valuable member of the party in his own right.

The knowledge of Togo’s lineage came as the party was clearing out a desecrated Temple of Aroden that was found inside the tower. The Temple had come to be the abode of a Lich, who was currently away, and had entrusted her soul cage to the guardianship of a powerful undead Shadow.

The party was able to defeat the Shadow with the help of another extra-planar automaton and destroy the Lich’s soul cage. In the process, they gained access to another way into the tower via a planar gate in the Temple’s Library. They also learned the true history of the founding of the tower, which was originally called the Aether Tower.

The Aether Tower was actually designed to travel between planes and was used for some indeterminate amount of time to actually do so. At some point, however, the engines that powered the Aether Tower failed, and it was transported back to it’s original plane, only to be stuck inside the rocky hill near Telhain.

As the party learned more about Torgo and the Tower, Rose and The Nemesis continued to plot against Telhain. They established a sinister cult, then ambushed and murdered an Inquisitor of Iomedae and her guards. The Inquisitor had been dispatched to investigate the possibility of a new Demonic Incursion, having been misinformed as to the nature of the fiend that had escaped the tower.

Not yet done with their twisted machinations, Rose and The Nemesis brought a Cabal Devil named Uniila to the material plane and provided her with a Hat of Disguise that she might impersonate the Inquisitor, and bring the town one step closer to damnation.

As a part of their plan, the Devils framed the local priest of Aroden, Brother Lito, for the murders of those they were impersonating. The party was always suspicious of the Inquisitor, as she was quite erratic in her behavior toward them, but they uncovered her true identity just before Brother Lito was due to be hanged in the public square.

At the last moment, with the help of a true Knight of Iomedae named Nevil, and Alegwynne (a local Druid who cares for the town but is not cared about much by the towns people), the party confronted the Devils, and saved Brother Lito. By playing Rose and Uniila off against one another, and exploiting an existing spat between the two, they were able to get Rose to send Uniila back to Hell, and then concentrate on dispatching the bothersome Imp afterwards.

With Rose and Uniila dealt with, the town is finally able to breathe a sigh of relief, at least for a time. The party is quite aware that The Nemesis is still out there somewhere in the forest, and the cult has not been extinguished.

Other mysteries remain in the tower itself. There is the matter of a Gnomish investigator who has gone missing there, and something about the chairman of another secretive organization associated with the Tower.

Finally, as the party set out again for the Tower, they found a note in a spellbook that was gifted to them. The note bore reference to a pair of names that is of some interest to one of the party members, who is searching for a long-lost friend who vanished under mysterious circumstances.


Cast of (Player) Characters:

Bonnidyr “Bonnie” Kennison – A teen-aged Human Wizard, who is searching for her lost friend.

Francis Coleman – A beardless Dwarven fighter who is searching for Chair of KEY Jack, and an elusive bottle or two of maple syrup.

Johnny Law – A Halfling rogue, who is searching for loot.
Screen Shot 2023-03-29 at 1.50.59 PM

LA – A Half-elf Cleric/Warpriest who is searching for enlightenment from his goddess Desna as he wanders the land. Pictured below with his companion morning star, Lucille:

Mart Eden-Prairie – A Gnome Bard who is searching for an investigator who went missing in the tower.

Medio – A Halfling Rogue/Wizard who is searching for vindication from past events that branded him as a criminal.

And, introducing:
Doryen “Dory” Hawkmoon - A stunningly tall and beautiful Human Fighter, who has pledged her sword to Bonnie, and is searching for herself.


All these descriptions should have our faces next to them, like those “story so far” pages in old comics.


:peanuts: - And I’m the town drunk, both in-game and out! :clinking_glasses:


Oh, that’s a great idea, I will do that. Only holdup will be that the original images were on my old MacBook Pro, and I recently migrated to running the campaign on my PC gaming laptop. Some, like Bonnie and Medio will be easy to get in there, but it may take a bit of looking to find some of the images I used.

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My griping thread it at 9638 posts! Do I have to start a new one before we hit 10k?

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Not sure if anyone else caught this, but the synopsis reads to me like whatever Imbrex summoned and was killed by is not Nemesis.

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And Cuthbert, the rat who pooped on a cultist’s robe, did some scouting, and stole some bread, who eagerly waits to prove his full worth.


And that Nemesis is currently out in the woods somewhere.

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We knew that Nemesis is at large somewhere nearby, since Mads said he recruited them from the Red Hands himself.

Could be an erinyes… though I’m not sure if there are male erinyes (they used to be exclusively female, not sure if they still are.)

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A note for the peanut gallery:
All of the rules for the Pathfinder, 1st edition, roleplaying system that we are using are available for free on the internet. The easiest way to find anything specific is to search Google for “pfsrd [topic]”, e.g., for combat rules, search “pfsrd combat”. Or, if you’d like, a printed version of the core rules with lovely art and such can be yours for $15-20 from Amazon. You can also ask questions here, of course.

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Here is my starting point for most things, which @TheHippy pointed me to.

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Johnny’s “portrait” has stealthily joined the party.


If you had waited a few days you could have started here and saved yourself a lot of reading. :rofl:


Spoilet alert.


Ajax is rolling up a character as we speak, and will soon be contributing to the story.


Great, someone else to take Johnny’s loot.

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@Ajax, if you happen to have an Android device, here is a pretty nice app for managing your character data: