Outsourced subtitles

Hey fellow misties. I just want to say unironically that outsourcing the subtitles to someone who has no concept of what MST even is, was a great move. You often get fun-enhancing pearls like this one I caught earlier today in the Turkey Day Marathon:

:musical_note: Now keep in mind my cat controls when the movie begins or ends :musical_note:

So anyone got more?


The captions on YouTube at least are autogenerated. I don’t know where you’re viewing the marathon, but whatever badness there is in the captions (and there are hilarious and sometimes upsetting mistakes) might be made even worse by not going through a human.


I don’t think this one even needs a follow-up. It’s already science fact.

[removes cat from keyboard again]

facts GIF


They also like being in your way, making it a twofer.