Phishing Scammers

Yeah firm samples from Colon Composs does sound a bit… sus :mask:



Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings of the day, Sorry to intrude into your privacy.

I am Financial Consultant, I am ready to facilitate investment/Business Loan.

We secure low interest loan for Construction projects, Agriculture,Real Estate, Telecommunications and Mining or in any good sector.’

If you interested, Contact me for more detailings

We also work together if you have clients with good fine projects and are in need of loan fundings… refer them to me and make quick 1% commissions.


Rowng Wright
Financial Consultant

Ok which is it? Rowng or Wright :person_shrugging:


I’m familiar with ESL, but what is that … ETL? EFL?

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Ich schreibe Ihnen noch einmal, um Ihnen den Eingang meiner Spende in Höhe von 2,7 Millionen Euro in gutem Glauben zu bestätigen.

Good morning beloved,

I am writing to you once again to confirm the receipt of my donation of 2.7 million euros to you in good faith. Do not neglect this opportunity cause it comes once in a lifetime, I have lived a fulfilled life and I want to extend my love and support to charity organizations and random people I can reach out to.

I’m Mrs.Beate Heister, a German business magnate,Investor and philanthropist. 25 percent of my personal wealth has been donated to charity. And I also promised to give the rest of 25% away to random individuals this year 2023. I have decided to donate 2,700,000.00 euros to you. If you are interested in my donation, contact me for more information.

You can also read more about me using the link below

[link removed]

Mrs. Beate Heister

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Boy, those Germans sure are friendly.


Gees! I’m on vacation and still they find me!


Hope you are doing swell!

We are providing quantity takeoffs and cost estimations services at very affordable rate for you projects. We do estimate for General Contractors / Subcontractors / Suppliers covering all traders.

In case you already has in-house estimators, you can get our estimates to compare your numbers to be more competitives ultimately to wins more projects.

We also providing colored marketing plans with takeoffs/estimates so you can has piece of minds about quantities.

Let me know if you dealing with full GC scope or some specifics divisions? Looking forward to hearings back from you.

Drako Ledger

Yeah you can takeoffs there Drako :roll_eyes:


Brought to you by the letter S and the number Quantities.



Sie wurden zufällig von einem Online-“Glücksrad” als ausgewählt
Ergebnis, ein aktiver E-Mail-Benutzer zu sein, um eine Spende von zu erhalten
1.200.000 $. Dies ist eine Spende der Steve Morgan Foundation, die
hat über 300 Millionen Pfund gespendet und mehr als 650 Menschen unterstützt
Wohltätigkeitsorganisationen und Einzelpersonen. Für weitere Informationen antworten Sie bitte
sofort, um Ihre E-Mail zu bestätigen.


Sorry but I don’t need that many bratwursts… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Famous last words…


I just got this text. It must be phishing, but what?

Screen Shot 2023-05-26 at 2.47.41 PM

And no, my name is not Alexa. Or any other woman’s name.


Is she catfishing your voice assistant?



We’ve got experts on the case who know how to communicate with such individuals.


I really want to know who would respond to that.


Some dirty old man proly… :open_mouth:



Dear Sir/mam

You may be surprised to receives this message. I got your contact from my late husband Dairy and I decideds to contract you since I have no other means to reach out to anyones because of my present condition and the War in my country Ukraine. I am Mrs Larysa Andrich, a Widow to Edgr. Nazar Andrich. I loss my husband and family through a Russian Air Strike Bomb that landed in our home and am only survivors but in a crictical condition with serious inquries all over my body. I am in am emergency werd right now for a major Surgerys in the next one week and my survivor is in the hands of Gods, please I need your players.

I am contracting you because of the moneys my late husband invested with Finance Investment Companys in USA and this investments has maturated to sums of Twenty Five Millions US Dollars. My late husbands one of shareholderings of Odessa Oil refinery in Ukraine. I want you to use part of this moneys to build and Orphanage Home in memorys of my late husband instead of loosing this moneys to Finance Companys. Get back to me quickly if you interested in handing these for me. Waiting for your responses.

Thanking you please,

Larysa Andrich

Yeah I need something other than players to handle these moneys :woozy_face:

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:notes: “…aaaafter the Scams of Summer have gonnnnne…” :notes:

(And I don’t even like Glen Frey. Or Hangtown Fry.)

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Dearest In Christ,

My name is Pastor John Mike Hudu. I am 65 years olds. I am writing you from my hospitals bed, because recently my doctor confirmed that my cancer disease which I have been treatings for about 2 years now risks taking my lifes.

To present act to which I have expressed this desire as I would like to donate what ever I have inherited from my familys so you can fulfill my last wish.

However, I wanted to kill two birds with a stoney, by confinding this important project to you which is very importants to me, that means to help them orphans, underprivileged children and then to provide sufficient funds that will enables you to establish a small-scale industry.

I will like you to promised me that you will abide by my requesting and desires that you will not go contrarys to my wish.

Now the last of my money which no one knows of is the cash deposit of five million US Dollars ($5,000,000,000) that I have with a Shipping/Security Company . I will wants you to help me claims it from them,Because doctor said that I die soon.

Please get back me immediately so that i can tells you how to go about this projects for me.God bless you amen.

Sending your reply to my email address: :upside_down_face:

(1) Your direct phone number…

(2) Your complete address …

(3) Your full name…

(4) Your occupation and age…

Yours sincereingly

Pastor John Mike Hudu.

This Pastor Hudu sounds sinceringly to me :roll_eyes:

Geez, I didn’t realize how many people had hidden millions that they wanted to use to build orphanages.

Also, I didn’t realize the best way to go about getting an orphanage built is to email a random address saying “do this for me”.

Wait, @RVR2 , is your email

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No-no… No-no… Not I :face_with_peeking_eye: