POLL: Crow's new voice sounds like...?

This is NOT a complaint thread! I still love the show and will still watch it, regardless of the change in Crow’s voice. This is more of an observational poll, because like it or not - Crow’s voice DOES sound different now!

Who do you think the “new” Crow sounds most like?

  • One of the “Rugrats”
  • Milhouse Vanhouten from “The Simpsons”
  • The “Bronze Explorer” from Hearthstone
  • Smurfette
  • Timmy Turner from “Fairly Oddparents”

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Here’s a sample of the Bronze Explorer if you haven’t heard that before! Bronze Explorer - Hearthstone Wiki
Or are there OTHER child/female voices he now sounds like? List YOUR opinion!

    1. Team Emily’s Crow

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The funny thing is that it is the voice of Crow. It’s just you have a very specific idea of what Crow should sound like.

This voice will evolve, they pretty much always do. Trace started with more a baby talky Crow. Bill did what he called “Trace with a chest cold” for a bit. That’s the adventure of watching folks create and play and it’s fun if you let it be.

The T in MST is Theater and in theater you can and do cast really great people in unexpected and nontraditional ways so they can be and do unexpected things. That’s how you can find magic. And if there’s one man who knows magic, it’s Joel Hodgson.



My official stance is to favor a multi-party political system. Please do not tell anyone that I voted in this poll. Because that would kill my political career. I mean, if I ever actually got one. Thanks.


I don’t know who any of those characters are to have an opinion. Did it take a bit to get used to? Yes. But the essence of Crow was there and that’s the important part.


There are no bots. They’re all just the psychotronic delusions brought on by the mad science being conducted. Apparently, Jonah wants to fly in movie theaters and have thick forearms while hanging from the ceiling by his spinal cord.


Your secret is safe with me.

Assuming no one else reads this, of course. But still.


The voice I thought of most was Bobby Hill from “King of the Hill” (voiced by the great Pamela Adlon). I realized it after the “King of the Hill” reference was made in the episode. Regardless, the new voice was jarring to me as well, but it was more about the surprise of it not being Nate, and it being such a completely different voice from what I was used to hearing. I certainly don’t think it was bad, though. I think we all just need time to get used to it, and before too long, we’ll all love what Kelsey Ann Brady brings to the show.


Agreed. But if a show about riffing other shows can’t riff itself? Something’s amiss :wink:


Your room’s amiss. Go clean it up or no breakfiss!

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Crow T. Robot. The new voice sounds like Crow T. Robot.


Agreement. To me the voice right now sounds a little “performy” which is something voice actors occasionally do with a new character, and in time they morph into something that is more comfortable to do in the long run. It’s going to tone down a bit, and I’m here for it.



I was expecting Nate, as I didn’t think Kelsey had taken over until later in the season. I had maybe 15 minutes of discomfort with it, but by the end of the episode it was just Crow. It was actually less jarring for me than Season 11, as I initially had trouble telling Baron and Hampton’s voices apart. There is no problem with that here.


Yeah, I am completely at ease thinking of the voice as one specific iteration of Crow.
No pain. No concerns/worries. No complaints.

Others, are absolutely entitled to disagree or have feelings. I will not say that anyone else is wrong or should conform. If you feel the need to express it, I will hear you. I will value your expression as your own, as long as your expression isn’t abusive. :slightly_smiling_face:


Kid from Speed Racer. I stand by this as the best answer.


What’s the deal with ‘hiding’ the poll? What was ‘offensive or inappropriate’? I was very careful to say that I still like and support the show, and will still be watching it, nor did I insult or attack any of the crew or even the new voice actor.

If poking fun of something is considered worthy of censorship, then they’d have to ban MST3K completely - right? :wink:


Not sure what’s up with the multiple flagged/hidden threads, but at this point @Lesley is the only one who can fix that. Hopefully she’ll be around soonish.


I didn’t flag it, but maybe it was your characterization of the decision as “weird” or perhaps the last line? Slightly attacky, even though I don’t sense malice. It’s a tricky subject to navigate properly.

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No, there’s someone flagging pretty much any post they don’t agree with. There are a few of them now

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