Posting Restrictions

I get that you want to protect the community from spammers, but you just invited the most enthusiastic MSTies to join and have this:

That seems like a misstep.

ETA: If I’m counting right that limit is 10 replies :grimacing:

ETA2: (Since I can’t reply I might as well test out edit restrictions and pseudo-reply)

  1. I get that preventing an infulx of new users from overwhelming servers is a good plan and
  2. That the platform itself has limits that may be out of your control and
  3. This was billed as a beta.
    However, I would suggest tempering expectations by pointing out these limitations upfront in the future.

Agreed! So many new folks to say hi to but so few opportunties :sob:


I was just notified that I can’t like any more posts until tomorrow?



The bigger question is, if there is a 10 comment limit, how long does it last, and are there other gates we will have to hurdle before there are no more limits.


You’ll be able to post more tomorrow with no limit I have found yet. The limit prevents spam bots signing up and posting immediately in every forum (seen this happen in other forums and it’s a right pain)


Also, it’s not the moderators or the tech wizards fault. Far from it. @ivan is our tech guru behind the scenes, and @Lesley is our wonderful relations guru.

The limiting is actually by Discourse, as it’s their technology we are using. It’s their way of gently easing everyone in to the forum. Just since this morning, the traffic here is UNBELIEVABLE compared to a week ago.

Please be patient and look around, there is quite a bit to read here! I noticed when I logged in, I’ve viewed over a thousand posts. Well, looks like a lot more to go now.

Here’s a link to Discourse’s policy:

(Understanding Discourse Trust Levels | Blog)


Also, we have some level of control over those limits and restrictions, and I understand this is an unusual influx of people all showing up at once and wanting to talk – and we don’t want to discourage that by accident.

@Chibigodzilla if you try again, I think you’ll find that the limit has been significantly raised, to levels more appropriate to the conversational styles of the MSTie community. :slight_smile:


Ivan to the rescue again. Thank you sir! Knew I could count on ya kid!