Shout Factory and MST?

I would argue that in that time of the 4500 produced that some have been broke or lost since then, so the value should have increased. :grinning:

That’s coming from a biased two snow globe owner though, so I’ll agree to disagree. I promise this is the last I speak of the not on topic snow globe topic I swear!

I can’t help but wonder if Shout’s role has evolved over time with them now selling prior campaign items? I’m probably reading too much into it as somebody who can’t wait to see what’s next. Shout’s footprint as a backend partner in the release of physical media can’t be understated. They have that Roku channel as well. It’s just intriguing to wonder how intertwined Shout! and Best Brains are at this juncture and if they could be enhancing that partnership as time goes on or if Best Brains has something else entirely in mind for MST3K’s future.

You’ve just gotta hand it to Joel though. He sent that email full of optimism and positivity on MST3K’s future and here I am almost five months later wondering out loud what it portends for the future. I can complain all I want about the silence and whatnot, but when it ends I’ll be here with everybody else (hopefully) excitedly discussing what comes next.

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If Shout is expert at handling merch, it would actually be logical for Alternaversal to let them take charge of that from here on in.

With any luck, letting them run things would mean more reasonable shipping for fans outside the U.S. That would be… pretty nice.

Trying to remember the last thing I ordered from them. Since I don’t remember, that probably means there were no hitches or rip-offs. :crossed_fingers:

Oh, and this is the LP I referred to upthread, if any of you music nerds were wondering. I just searched and now it’s a more reasonable 29.00 US on Amazon. That’s still more than anyone should pay for one used old LP, though. IMHO. Especially given shipping costs, and also those particular tracks are likely available in numerous other places by now:

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The shipping delays didn’t bother me either. I’m patient, and they seemed to be acting in good faith. But I don’t think delays were the only thing people had issue with. I think some had actual issues with or damage to their items (which hopefully MST3K took care of), and others balked at the shipping costs.

What I’m saying is physical items in a crowdfunder aren’t being sold at full price. They’re being sold at full price PLUS a premium to go to the campaign. There’s no reason to offer physical items in a campaign that don’t contribute significant funds to their goal.

What they’re selling now may not be the “break even” cost, but the actual value of the item.

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Which they had zero control over. Thanks to Amazon, people have no idea how expensive it is to ship items these days, and yet with every single KS I back there is the group whinging constantly about the shipping. (and I see Shout! is offering free shipping on the snow globes) So it’s no wonder people freak when they see what the real shipping costs for something are.


Yep, but angry people want someone to blame, and they had no one else to direct it toward.


Ah gotcha. Understood. I missed all of the controversy that was on the KS page until after the fact. What I read of it amounted to a few angry people posting multiple times hence why I thought they were a loud minority. I could be wrong about that, but I’m definitely skewed towards how my experience was and it was an all around good one. That’s mainly due to the fact that any time I began to wonder about my items almost instantly I’d receive a blast email stating that there were issues with the supply chain and whatnot and not to worry but items were coming. Their constant communication and care regarding it allowed me to easily afford the benefit of the doubt. When everything was said and done I got everything and it was all in good order so I was pleased.


By the way, hope it’s okay to mention: if you aren’t on Shout’s emailing list and you sign up for it now, you can get a 10% discount on your first order.

Don’t know if I can actually buy anything this week, but I thought why not? In the last year or so, I’ve gotten super-obsessed about keeping my Inbox tidy. So I don’t think it’ll be a problem to get the emails so long as they’re not coming in every hour. :crossed_fingers:

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