Show cancelled/relocated, help?

I had tickets to the 11/9 show in Middletown, NY. I was super excited that MST3K Live was coming to this total backwater area since we never get anything that cool like that, generally because we’re too close to NYC.

Anyway, I got an email yesterday that the show was cancelled and my tickets would be refunded. I was looking for more information, and when I go to, I see that there’s another show now listed for that date, now in Chester, NY (which, by the way, to a venue that is MUCH nicer).

Do I have to buy new tickets for that show now? I can’t find anyone else to contact. If anyone’s got more information or can point me in the right direction, I’d appreciate it!


I think that they wouldn’t wholesale relocate everyone to a new venue, especially after promising to refund everyone. If they were doing that, no doubt that would have been mentioned in their communication. So it would appear that you would need to get new tickets for the new venue.

Total backwater? But that’s where the Colonial Diner is! Or was, 30 years ago.

I hope you’re able to get equivalent tickets, sorry I don’t have any useful info, just wanted to shout out to Middletown.

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Obviously not the promoter for this show or venue, but in the many years I’ve spent as a concert goer, if they refunded your money automatically, or plan to, you’ll need to repurchase tickets for the new venue. Usually language is very clear otherwise (moved from small venue to large venue, rescheduled, etc).

Check your accounts and see if you got a refund. If you haven’t, it can’t hurt to call the venue or ticket outlet to make sure, because a cancelation is generally a much different thing than simply moving a show.

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