So is the mobile site borked or is this just me?

Likely a Discourse update. I have another Discourse firum that I live on as much as I do here, and it has never had those suggested thread things at the bottom of other threads.


Yup, borked for me as well.

No list of unread or new topics at the bottom of this thread.

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I am experiencing the same thing on mobile.

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You cheat on us with other forums!?

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Can’t speak for Vader, but I do have at least one other Discourse-based forum account…

For the Tablo DVR…

But, I live here.

I only go there to see if I’ve missed any software updates? Look for updated info on transferring recordings to larger drives, archiving to another server…

Don’t worry, y’all stuck with me :wink:

Yeah, the MetClub forums. Been there since long before this place existed.

But if it makes you feel better, I have both open at the same time on separate tabs when I am not on mobile.

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And… Now it’s back. :thinking: I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! Don’t mess with me, Discourse!


I’m trying to post in the What’s going on at work thread on my Samsung galaxy S22 and it won’t post…
I logged out and logged back in, no good. Shut down my phone and restarted it, still won’t post.
Any ideas?

I don’t have any answers, but an announcement about people being unable to post from their phones has been posted here:

When/if we learn anything about this issue, we’ll post more information in that specific thread.

No, but the same thing happened to me yesterday. Discourse helpfully saved the post that I was unable to post and allowed me to post it from my laptop browser, so there’s that. Just tested, same behavior this morning. Post!

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This smells like a Discourse problem, and not an Ivan problem. Maybe there will be a hot fix this weekend.

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Yeah after switching over to the desktop option on my Samsung galaxy S22 I can post once again from my phone :+1:

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