SOLVED: Backers missing from the Backer Wall

The latest update now skips over a lot of backers on the backer wall. i.e.: The first page skips over backer numbers 4 and 10. My backer plate # 173 is one that is skipped. There is also an issue on the second time you open the backer wall (click on the backer wall after closing the window) where pages are skipped when clicking the right arrow. The search box also does not allow entry of text.


Can confirm. It appears there is at least one backer plate missing per page and sometimes as many as three. The missing numbers don’t seem to follow any sort of pattern (ex: all of the numbers ending in one, or only odd-numbered plates), or come from a regular location on the wall either.

Desktop Win10 using Chrome


It’s possible some numbers won’t be included if people backed and then cancelled. This, however, sounds like it’s a few too many missing numbers for that.

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There’s also the fact that people had to pledge at the $15 level at minimum to get the wall plaque - anyone who backed at $5 and didn’t add a Gizmoplex mention a la carte won’t be listed.

I think it might be up to people to report if they can’t find their own names.

EDIT: Whoops, I need to learn to read, the OP clearly stated that their own plate was missing.


Hey @syferdet – having trouble recreating this issue. When I go to the Backer Atrium and scroll through the names, I found #173 right where you’d expect:

If you’re still not seeing yourself there, can you email a screenshot to, along with the details of what platform/browser you’re using when the problem occurs?


Some people may have opted to not have their name displayed, and those would be missing too.

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Hi Ivan,

I just checked and I am there now, but there are still some missing. I will send a screenshot of one of the pages that shows there are some still missing.

Thanks for the update! I don’t get to the forums every day, so sorry for the four day delay. :slight_smile: