Student Loans Forgiveness Update!

Since my original Student Loan Forgiveness thread was locked, I’m starting a new one because of this update posted today in which I might actually qualify…

I graduated in 2001 so I may actually qualify for this!! :crossed_fingers:


I hope so! I remember when my loans got paid off, it’s an awesome feeling.

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I still find the entire process infuriating, and it doesn’t even affect me personally.

I went to college for free back in the '70s. Everything free - tuition, fees, books, room and board and incidental expenses. Didn’t pay a penny between scholarships and grants (and tuition itself was pretty low, even if I hadn’t had so much financial aid)

It infuriates me that folks can only afford college now if they’re rich or take on a lifetime of debt. My friend who’s in her mid-50s recently told me she and her husband still owe student loans. That’s deplorable. We’ve really short changed two generations of students and it makes me MAD (can you tell?)


I’m 54 myself and my original loan amount was 43000, now it’s 52500 so yeah enough is enough already!


Court rules debt forgiveness for 804,000 can go forward :+1: :clap: :raised_hands: :tada: :confetti_ball:

Welp, so far I haven’t heard back yet to see if I qualify for this debt forgiveness program, and I just received an email from Mohela that my first payment date has been scheduled for October 6. I went ahead and just paid it today :disappointed:
If I do eventually qualify, any payments made will be refunded. If for some reason I don’t qualify, then I will have to continue making payments until I reach my 10 year mark in September of 2028.

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