AI songwriting tool.

Commercial jingle for a game for robots to play with each other called “Dog and Bear” with a warning not to take it too far.

Children’s warning song about what will happen when Coily the Spring Sprite comes to take all the springs away.

Sadly, I’m already out of credits, but I would love to hear my next idea- “Solemn dirge about the very important fact that Peter Graves went to the University of Minnesota” if someone else wants to do it.



prompt: a sea shanty about how hagfish have feelings too, so don’t make fun of them


Lie. They’re jerks. I have to fly away from them all the time.

This prompt could use some work. The results were not nearly as great as they should have been:

a theme song for a superhero named Pumaman, who has the powers of a puma, and he can play dead and fly, but not very well

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Enjoy, proudly:


Well we have our theme song, folks!

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Did you try “Pumaman: he flies like a moron”?

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Yeah. Looks like I didn’t post that one. Have a listen.

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Some of you may have heard of Udio and Suno, the new AI driven song-generating websites where you can create musical disasterpieces by typing in text prompts ex: “a song about a guy trying to kill me with a forklift” or even lyrics you’ve written yourself.

Both websites are buggy as hell, and the AI creations frequently go off the rails, which like Dall-E and most other AI-created art, is always hilarious.

As a first example to get us started, I used the lyrics I composed several years ago for a skit that was supposed to accompany our fanficisode riff of The Incredible Petrified World called You And Me In A Cave Under The Sea.

The end results sound absolutely nothing like my original intended song, other than it being vaguely doo-woppy. I ended up with some weird glitches in the best version I could come up with, so I ended up downloading it and making some edits offline. While you can listen to most of the song here on Udio | You And Me In A Cave Under The Sea by Dreadful Sorry, I posted a better version to YouTube with an accompanying music video using footage from Incredible Petrified World.

Again, this isn’t quite what I was going for with the skit (it also doesn’t have the ending where Crow goes completely off the rails.) I was going for something with more of an acapella Five Satins sort of vibe with a finger snapping backing chorus and maybe a little bit of When I Held Your Brain in My Arms in the mix, but you can’t have everything.

It took me nearly an entire day to create this monstrosity, but I’m sure the rest of you will be coming up with tunes to rival Every Country Has A Monster in no time flat.

This thread should probably be merged with this one:

Obviously, we must use this new technology to cover the Gamera theme in as many different styles as possible. Here are a few I’ve created:

New Wave Gamera:

Appalachian Gamera:

Post Punk Gamera:

Talking Heads Gamera:

Punk Americana Gamera:

New Country Gamera:

Operetta Gamera:

(note: I typed in “new romantic” and it gave me this for some reason. I was hoping for an Adam Ant style cover)

If we’re going to merge threads, can you change the 1st post title to include Udio? (and possibly make it a bit more dynamic, like “Let’s write songs together with Suno and Udio A.I.” ?

Suno only gives you enough free credit to write 4 songs, but Udio lets you create up to 600, and far better suited to just goofing around to create short clips.

While it only lets you create smaller 30 second chunks, if you find something that works, you can extend it either direction by telling it to add new verses. You just need to be careful that the track you extend doesn’t cut off in the middle of a verse or it’ll get completely thrown for a loop and start producing mumbled garbage.

As requested on Facebook, here are a few more Gamera theme variants.
If you want to create your own, simply copy and paste the following lyrics into the Custom prompt (it helps if you spell Gamera phonetically and use the Chorus and Verse tags):

Let’s go Gam-er-ah!

Gam-er-ah is really neat!
Gam-er-ah is filled with meat!
We’ve been eating Gam-er-ah!

Shell! Teeth!
Eyes! Flames!
Claws! Breath!
Scales! Fun!

Gam-er-ah is really sweet!
He is filled with turtle meat!
We believe in Gam-er-ah!
We believe in Gam-er-ah!

Dance Gamera:

Prog Rock Gamera:

Sleater-Kinney Gamera:

Epic Keytar Guitar Solo Gamera: (Note: This one approaches Crow’s Grateful Dead solo from The Dead Talk Back in pure cheesiness. It’s too bad I used the outro feature so I couldn’t use the extend feature to extend it indefinitely.)

Regina Spektor Gamera:

Fleetwood Gamera:

I’ve been trying for a couple of hours to steer the AI towards creating either a Lisa Loeb or Morrissey cover of Gamera, but so far the AI utterly refuses to cooperate.

My little Suno project (Fallout fanart [work in progress]):

Okay, I finally managed to get something reasonably close to a Morrissey version of the Gamera song. But it’s The Smiths era Morrissey before he really started to cry.

I’m afraid I haven’t been able to get anything even remotely close to a Lisa Loeb or Fred Durst/Counting Crows Gamera cover yet, not for lack of trying.

Decided to mess around with AI generated music instead of images tonight.

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Sounds like a '70s B-side

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What did you use for that?

1 Like was where I generated it

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Well this is fun. Here’s an '80s Power-Ballad about Godzilla eating extreme rice.