Synthia's Selects

Just fired up the MegaSynthia Select of Robot Holocaust After the film breaks on Commando Cody, Joel goes to see if he can fix it. Just as the main feature starts, he comes back saying he got it working. But he can’t control when the movies began or end–that’s right in the theme song.

Something is fishy here…


Well, that was just a Short, and not a feature-length movie.


I’m so behind on these this month. I did watch The Atomic Brain early this month, but didn’t have time to say anything about it at the time. All I remember off the top of my head is that someone had a lot of fun putting together that list of wifi names.

Tonight I sashayed through the sarcasm with Dr. Z, which is a damp, weird movie, but doesn’t really have anything to make it stand out.

But we got Pearl and Mega-Synthia again! I love the contrast with how Pearl treats Synthia, but I suppose she would favor the more unstable, violent one. And please, please, can we allow Pearl the bring back lawn darts? The world’s on fire anyway, so what can it hurt apart from lots of children? I loved Emily’s offline Instagram, but the “for whom the Taco Bell tolls” really tickled me, too.

No love! Love is gone!


I had an okay time.


I think mega-synthia is the Wario of MST3K. Just all the craziness and fun all at once.

Also my wifi is “Totally Obvious” with password: totallyobvious. I live in the middle of nowhere so security isn’t an issue. My brother’s is “Mines of Moria” and “speak friend”


If I ever put security over a bit, I will have to retire from comedy.


The Amazing Transparent Man! Marvel at his adequacy! I always forget what great host segments this episode has. Oh, and the darkest short in MST3K history. Yikes!

Clearly Tom is amazing, but I agree that most men aren’t. I am, of course. I mean, it’s obvious. The Amazing Dr. Phantom! Synthia doesn’t seem to like being looked through, though. Curious. The bit with the bot updates was hilarious, and who among us hasn’t at some point vowed obsolescence for life?



… A Warrior’s Tale?


Nothing like a January visit to Venus. I appreciate this movie, but I’m not a big fan. It’s just a bit too slow and never feels like it gets much of a payoff. I love seeing a movie from that long ago, made in East Germany, of all places, with such a diverse cast who work together. You’d have a hard time making that now without it being review bombed by crazy people.

Who better than Pearl to take us though this movie, since she can appreciate a sadder, more German Wall-E. I loved Servo’s recurring Uranus jokes mixed in with his normal ramblings. Oh, and when can we get a Servo collector pin? Do we have to wait for him to invade Disney? The high point of this one is probably GPC tech support. Jonah has to learn that you don’t mess with someone’s chocolate stash!


Regarding Venus:
I am racking my brain trying to figure out if GPC is humming something specific as her hold music. It sounds so very familiar, it’s driving me crazy!


It was the Robot Holocaust! Now with extra guac! It’s nice to see a season 1 episode in the mix, but I’m glad it’s one of the better ones. This movie is so endearingly bad!

Mega-Synthia again! This time holding the tiny!huge mug in a delightfully weird way. She and Crow had a nice little bonding session this time around, even if it did seem to leave Mega-Synthia stuck in a bit of a loop at the end. I wonder if the other robots need to start keeping an eye on Crow, though. The sketch with the bots’ batteries dying was hilarious, and it’s nice to see them keeping up the tradition of giving Jonah a hard time.

I don’t care what anyone says, I’d hire Valeria as a minion. And not for that, you pervs.