"The Room" with Greg Sestero as special guest... Arlington VA

It’s happening tomorrow night (12/5) at the Cinema’n’Drafthouse On Columbia Pike. Any DC area residents planning to go?

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Oo, hope it was a fun evening for all who went!

If you’re interested this movie in general, I’d recommend Sestero’s book. The movie they adapted from it was OK, but the book was a blast.

Seeing as the movie was an extended Cinemax latenight presentation, I find it hard to believe any kind of written text was behind it, much less an entire book. Will have to check that out.

EDIT: Ah, you mean The Disaster Artist. I had the book/movie adaptation cycle reversed there. Yes, that is supposed to be a lot more fun than either film.

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Right, the Disaster Artist book. Very fun and enlightening read.