Turkey Day 2023

Never gonna happen, but in a dream universe can you imagine if it was revealed that Dr. Forrester and TVs Frank were going to run the turkey day marathon (ala 1991 and 1992)?

I think the doors would blow off, and THAT unexpected surprise would no doubtedly crush the daily fundraising average for this campaign!

Oh well, in another life when we’re all cats. :slight_smile:


Thankfully, fans have kept the old T.D. segments alive on that other platform. I always re-watch them as a run-up to the modern day big day.

International Cat Day GIF


Oh, I have all mine saved on VHS, haha.

We have a Friendsgiving ever year (this was our first in three years) a few weekends before actual thanksgiving and there’s always MST. this year we replayed the entire turkey day from 1992!


I thought it would just be me, MR_Potroast, and El Sid the Turkey Thief :paw_prints: this year. But a friend wants us to hang out at his place. Will have to see if he’s willing to let me keep the show on in the background for a bit.


Seeing as how the characters are officially dead, they could come back as the Ghosts of Thanksgiving Past and Thanksgiving Present (with Dr. Kabahl as the Ghost of Thanksgiving Yet to Come).


Well, Joel, Jonah and Emily DID go back to 1991 at the end of Season 13, so …


This is a good point, but they’re not dead in 1991 (where our cast went at the end of season 13).

And their remains could always be revived ala Wrath of Khan, haha


OMG! What if Frank Conniff DID come back but now he’s cast as Max’s son and thus-- HE’S HIS OWN GRANDPA!!! Same with Trace Beaulieu and Felicia Day.

It’s like The Second Hundred Years all over again!!! :alarm_clock: (Or maybe like Fry and the Professor on Futurama…? Kinda’?)

I’m gonna’ go lie down for a bit. Apparantly there really IS such a thing as too many double espressos. Who knew?

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