"Vault Picks" improvement thoughts/ideas/suggestions

As a few, myself included, have pointed out, the “Vault Picks” being in “My Videos” seems to be adding to some confusion and sorting issues with “My Videos”.

As a feature request, maybe could we try a different approach for the “Vault Picks” all-together? Something that could help clear up confusion and help with some of the sorting issues some are seeing in “My Videos”?

I have two suggestions/possible feature requests, that could help?

1: Change the name from “Vault Picks” to “Monthly Cinema Picks” - Add an option in the Lobby to go to Cinemas 1-6, to select each “Monthly Cinema Pick”. This would be an improvement in two ways. It would get them out of “My Videos”, and hopefully resolve the sorting problems. It would also be much more consistent with the exterior design of the Gizmoplex Theater.

There they are, the current “Vault Picks”, listed in Cinemas 1-6!

Another option?

2: Keep the name, “Vault Picks” if need be, but move them to the actual “Movie Vault” store section? Have a section Highlighted/Labeled “Free for the Month of (insert month here)”. Perhaps we could get an old MST3K friend to lend their appearance to a cardboard standout, holding a book about movies perhaps, titled, “Leonard Maltin’s Vault Picks for (Insert Month Here)”… Bonus if it could be a clickable/interactive element in the Gizmoplex where you could see fun facts about each movie in each months Picks? Favorite memories about the episode, etc?

What do y’all think?

Thanks @ivan !
Y’all rock!


Both good thoughts! A few developments:

  • We’ve already adjusted sorting to make them less confusing – they no longer appear at the front of your collection.

  • There’s a filter under “Collections” now to help find them each month.

  • We started out putting them in individual theaters, and are hoping to get back to that plan – but we’re trying to figure out if we can automate livestream showtimes for them, so that there would be livestreams every day where you could watch and chat with whoever else was around.