Vault Picks on Roku are now under Member Pass

Was wondering why we we’re still seeing June’s Vault Picks on the Roku…

and finally figured out the new Vault Picks are showing up under Member Pass, rather than Vault Picks.

Apologies if the Vault Picks location moving was announced - should have been clued in by the [OLD] - but if that hasn’t been announced maybe it should be?


It was announced somewhere – one of the backer emails I think. But of course that doesn’t mean everyone saw it! So if there was a spot to put that right on the screen (Hey guys everything that was under Vault Picks is now under your Member Pass!) that could help people.


I was caught in that trap, too. But I also figured it out and am currently enjoying Giant Spider Invasion as I type.


Maybe it comes down to what platform you’re using, but on Roku they already did exactly that. Take another look at your screenshot…

On Android, on the other hand, it doesn’t show anything under the old pass - not the subheading or last month’s Vault Picks.


Oh yeah, I saw the announcement in the email so I guess I never looked under Vault Pass after that!

As a professional web designer my first, second, and last rule is “people don’t read” but sometimes you just gotta put the words out there and hope for the best.


Thank you! Completely missed that.

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Don’t feel bad, you are not alone :smiley:

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