Video Encoding Tech Talk

Are you an encoding expert? Got questions or expertise to share? Let’s use this space for it. (I started an encoding quality thread a couple years ago, but that was specific to the new episodes and doesn’t seem like the right place for general chat/questions.)

I’m somewhere in the middle of the encoding expertise spectrum. I’ve been doing it for years, but the breadth of it is vast and my experience is limited to my relatively small corner of it. My current challenge is deinterlacing, the bane of every encoder’s existence. I’ve got specific questions about that, but first a different question:

What’s the point/purpose of increasing framerate when encoding, especially if deinterlacing? I see tons of stuff on other forums saying things like “if you use Bob deinterlacing, don’t forget to double your framerate,” etc. The gist I get is that it’s a recommendation but not required, which just muddies the waters further.

Why would anyone ever specify a framerate other than what the source was created at, deinterlacing or not? I feel like there’s something fundamental here that I’m missing.

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It might have something to do with the fact that you’re turning two fields to one full frame.

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Sorry that I don’t have the answer for the frame rate question, but I do want to recommend QTGMC as the best way to deinterlace. This video may even answer your question: Deinterlacing with AVISynth and QTGMC Tutorial (Late 2020 Edition) - YouTube

If you do go the QTGMC route (or maybe you already do), check out StaxRip for a GUI interface 01 Deinterlacing old footage In DavInici Resolve & StaxRip - YouTube

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