Video of all the themes mashed together

I found this on YouTube and just HAD to share it here (I hope nobody beat me to it. If so, sorry!)

It’s…oddly hypnotic.


Ah, good to see this crawl out. Now somebody needs to update the lyrics flowchart.


Well that was unexpectedly enjoyable! Whenever the theme song plays through my mind, it often mixes various eras of the show, but now I can finally see what happens when the timelines merge.


I love how everything is slightly out of sync until we hit the Robot Roll Call. Then it is perfectly synced (other than the Gypsy/GPC) and falls apart again after that.


They DID cheat a little. Gypsy and Servo are switched in the KTMA version so it lines up better, and they took out “Did I mention my mother is here?”

Still, it’s a testament to…something.

I’m gonna watch it again.

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But does it go well with
prism GIF

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