Weird Foods - do you dare?

I can’t believe they did so many. I am NOT that brave

It’s slightly different, but I basically already did this…

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Oh gawd, I tried some if that stuff.

It’s. Awful.

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Weird is as always is relative. I don’t want to paint an entire cultures choices that are normal to them as “weird”. When I was in China I ate a food that was weird and scary to me; some big fat bug pupa (I’m not even certain what kind but they were the size of a medium sized pinecone). I remember seeing these little turd shaped dudes writhing at the weekly market I went to promising myself, someone who tries anything with an open mind, to eat one. Near the end of my trip I did and I’ll say this… not great. Not even awful. Yeah, the texture is a bit gross but it’s mostly bland proteiny taste.