WGA and SAG-AFTRA 2023 Strike

Not sure where else this should go, but I thought we might like to discuss it.


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Good call.


Then you have someone allegedly with the AMPTP claiming their plan for the writers is to literally starve them and send their home into forclosure.

I still haven’t found an attribution for that quote, but as many writers on the picket lines have pointed out, they are already there, that’s why they are striking!


I’ve said it before, but it’s time to let the festering monster that is Hollywood die.


More insanity-



My tin foil hat is hot enough to burn a hole in the sun on this one.

Just imagine for a moment what the late shows would be doing with some of the fresh material that has come up…it would be on night after night, reminding and actually enlightening people to what’s going on with the institutions in our country. As unfunny as it may sound; many, many people got their information that way – it’s easier to hear when you can laugh with others.

Now we can also just attribute it all to human greed…but that explanation hits more to me as lazy – maybe right, but more effort should be given to some of the motivations of people crossing the picket lines…I’m looking at you, one of the Jeopardy hosts.


[sigh] I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s fun, but stuff like this is why I never participated in the AI thread, and I never will.

I have plenty of entertainment at home that I haven’t looked over in ages. I’m fine with supporting the strikers. I don’t want anyone to starve to death so I can have another piece of candy for cheap. :confused:


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I don’t think there is anything wrong with playing with AI art as a novelty like we have been doing in the AI thread. We’re not under any illusions that it is anything but a toy.


Yeah, I know. And it’s probably a touch hypocritical since I collage in Photoshop all day long, but it creeps me out both aesthetically and because money people are clearly frantic to use it as a means of further impoverishing creative folks wherever and however they can.


Not sure if this thread violates the “no politics” policy but in any case…



An important point not to overlook of the “owning” the digitized background actors (“extras”) is that many A-list stars got their start that way. Sylvester Stallone, Brad Pitt, Marilyn Monroe, Renée Zellweger, ….


I’m old, so I still read two newspapers a day but I really miss late night talk shows. Funny takes on events I hadn’t considered, getting to find out about new movies and books that weren’t on my radar and, of course, seeing new music acts.

In particular, for the three months before the strike Kimmel had started booking some really good bands that I hadn’t heard of at all.

The Letterman YouTube channel has had some great clips lately — usually 5 to 15 minutes long. Highly recommended


When you get down to it, there’s no issue where you can’t find someone who will say it’s political.
I’m not going to get into specifics for fear of violating forum rules, but some things that used to be considered just common decency, like being nice to people and having equal rights for certain people, are now considered “political”.

I don’t think the strike discussion should be considered political.


I hope they get every single thing they want.

The story about the proposal to scan a background actor for a days’ pay (~$703 ) then use that scan/data forever and never pay any royalties at all? That is not negotiating in good faith. That is an obnoxious middle finger.

Sadly, I think this is all on purpose. The studios want this to drag out at least until Hulu can be fully absorbed by Darth Mickey… then, all the other dominos start to fall in terms of a mass consolidation of the industry… And, the longer the strike lasts, the lower the revenue, the more the mega studios can cry poor if (and that’s a big if) the government even thinks about blocking any mergers … more media consolidation… yay?

(Never-mind what ripple effects that could have on stuff like MST3K’s ability to get rights to movies in the future)

So, I want the strikers to get everything they want… but… even if they do… long term? I think we’re all screwed…


Nah, I’ll leave that totally selfish ish that’s bumming me out… out of this thread. (rather than having 2nd thoughts and deleting the post 5 sec later…)


It’s hard to discuss the studios position without exceeding the forum’s PG rules. It’s really a reasonable position vs an unreasonable one.


I think we used to have a Pol Sci textbook lying around the house. That was MR_Potroast’s original major. It said, more or less, that once there’s two people in a single space, there’s politics.

So, yeah I get that we’re not supposed to be on here literally pitching one candidate and running down another, but this kind of politics? You couldn’t even talk about the stories in some of these godawful movies without it.


They are not winning the PR war, that’s for sure. No one is crying a river for studios, and then you add in media faux pas like “we’ll starve 'em back to the table” and it just gets worse.

What’s worse, right now there is no trust from either the WGA or SAG that the AMPTP plans to negotiate a fair deal. Without that, they are stalemated.

Meanwhile, the DGA played a bit of dirty pool. Yes, they settled their contract fairly quickly. But they have a rider that if either the WGA or SAG gets a better deal, theirs is automatically bumped up as well.

Hmmm, there better be directors out on those picket lines!