Whamageddon... are you surviving? (Now in 2023!)

I thus far have yet to hear Wham’s song “Last Christmas” with… checks calendar less than ten days to go. How many of you are surviving, and has anyone lost and entered Whalhalla?


Dangit! Now you’ve jinxed me. I hadn’t heard it yet, but I bet I do today!

Disliking any Christmas song is a formula for madness. Sadly, my favorite, Christmas at Ground Zero, has not aged well at all…


I was dragged into Whamhalla on the 30th of November this year. A new record.

Help me, Jebus!

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Still going strong, inexplicably enough.

It doesn’t start until December 1st, so if you haven’t heard it since, you’re still in the hunt!

I love listening to XMas music, so the past three years, I’ve been Whamaggedoned on December 4th, December 1st (about 2pm) and this year on December 1st at 12:07pm. I have, however, recorded six kills since then. :smiley:

I like Last Christmas, so I don’t mind in the least. Good luck to those still in the hunt!

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Huh! Well I’ve certainly heard it more than once this month. Reckon I probably made it to the 3rd or 4th.

I have heard neither “Last Christmas” nor Lennon’s “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” yet this year. But I haven’t been going out as much as usual to where I usually hear them (restaurants and stores).

Among other overplayed Christmas songs, I also haven’t heard the Mariah Carey one, or “Jingle Bell Rock,” or that damn whoopdy-doo and dickery dock one by Andy Williams. I did hear “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” once, but that’s within acceptable parameters.


With my cocoa and garland in my hands, I entered Whalhalla some time ago…and its halls echoed with my laughter!

What can I say, I like that song :christmas_tree: :speaking_head:
And I like John Lennon’s and even Paul McCartney’s xmas songs. I mean really, Wonderful Christmastime is so bad it’s good. Which makes me imagine how fun it would be if the MST crew riffed xmas songs…


Well I don’t get out much since the pandemic* and I don’t listen to Xmas music at home so I don’t risk exposure much. Though I did hear, of all things, AULD LANG SYNE yesterday and was like… WHAAAA? Can you actually play that any day other than NYE? It’s chaos! Madness!

*or before, really


I work in a book shop in a shopping mall; I was out by about November 22nd!

They also play the absolute worst version of The Twelve Days of Christmas imaginable. At least three times a day.

If it’s been played around me, I’ve successfully blocked it out.

“Last Christmas” is an excellent song about dating a ghost.

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Still going strong!

I correctly called the plot of the movie about 10 seconds into the first trailer I saw.


I keep hearing less popular versions of Christmas songs like this at work. Pretenders, Wham and U2? Sorry, you’re stuck with mediocrity!

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I don’t think I’ve ever heard it, actually. A few lines in an X-mas movie, maybe?

Well, I shouldn’t have said anything. Tonight I walked into the corner store and the John Lennon song was playing… only it wasn’t the original Lennon version. It was a cover that was, somehow, even more annoying.


You know, I’ve never heard the Lennon song all the way through either, which is interesting because I’ve heard most of his stuff, and from what I’ve heard of it, I like the chord progression of “Happy X-mas”. And if I never hear it all the way through, I can keep enjoying not ever quite hearing it.

I lost last Monday. Damn you, seasonal radio stations!!!

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Just heard it for the first time this year today, actually. Weird because every year my local (seasonal) radio station seems to pick one Xmas song for over-rotation (which is probably the same everywhere… radio stations, yuck!). Wham & John Lennon are usually go-tos for the yearly overplay picks. And the one that says “later we’ll have some pumpkin pie, and we’ll do some caroling” (but I always hear “pumkin pie” as a dirty version of “funkin’ pie” and, oh, I’m off topic now…)

Anywho, this year there doesn’t seem to be that one single song they’re playing to death. I have heard several songs from Michael Buble throughout these past weeks though. (He’s fun to impersonate while driving down the road. Something to do… don’t cost nuthin’.)