What about Matt? Can he watch with us?

I’m watching the Overdrawn at the Memory Bank stream. Matt was on camera introducing the episode. An episode he really enjoys. Then we had the cast members watch the episode… And no Matt? He was already on camera and connected to the stream, and watching with them. It really felt like he should have been included in the watchalong. (Especially with Hampton blipping out and Baron having lost the plot) Maybe next time? What do you think, Matt?

Also, while I’m posting:

Quick audio issue

Jonah’s mic was waaaaay louder than everyone else. The episode is so quiet and then the live cast’s mics are louder so we can hear them over the episode. But then Jonah just booms out and it’s a good thing I wasn’t watching with headphones. I seriously had to keep adjusting the volume up and down significantly depending on whether or not Jonah was talking.

ETA: I had the volume down so low I couldn’t hear the movie dialog and my next door neighbors (our respective doors were closed) were complaining about how loud Jonah was.


Re: audio levels - they might fall into the problem I sometimes get when I’m doing soundchecks, which is that the performers don’t think about how excited they’ll get later. They do a “check one, check two, sibilance” in a normal calm voice and the levels are set based on that. Then when they are actually “on” all bets are off.

Extra terrible with online streams because a sound person can’t control the levels of the individual participants. Level setting during tech is telling the person to change the volume on their end, and after that all you can do is try to message them on the side if they are too loud. The number one feature I want added to Zoom is the ability for hosts to control volume levels of participants. I want my mixing board, dangit!


This was something I was thinking about the other night. It did seem weird for Matt to be there before the episode, and then disappear until after it.


I know he’s not part of the on-camera cast, but he’s been hosting the livestreams the whole time. We know him by now. Besides, it seems like he knows the classic episodes better than the current cast. He’s got good presence with everyone during The Stinger. I think it would be fun to have him. Especially since he says next month’s event is one of his favorite classic episodes.


I’m pretty sure that his on camera appearance was simply to provide him an alibi while he secretly planned his next wave of burger thievery.


I think Matt brought in fresh air. Adding some one to the group that didn’t feel like they had to be “on” for almost 2 hours really keeps The Stinger family friendly and the livestreams less punchy.

I think it would be cool to have Matt riff along and have @timryder host The Stinger though.


My ears are burning…


i think he works best in a bookend or behind the scenes capacity. i think it would detract from the riffing and atmosphere if he was involved.

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As much as I enjoy Matt’s hosting appearances I kinda get the feeling that he wants to distance himself from the concept of being a ‘host’ in the way that Mike stepped up from the backroom. I can’t back that up with anything, other than the feeling that some of us would be quite pleased to see him as an alt test subject or mad if needed but he’s happy just popping up from time to time and generally keeping the wheels turning. Same with Tim tbh.

I can’t speak for him. I suspect you’re right about him not wanting to be a host. I just think if we’re doing a livestream watchalong of a classic episode, it would be fun to have him on camera sometimes. If he feels like it.

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Totally, I think we’d all like him to sit in on some of the he riffing/reriffing - especially on episodes that we know he’s fond of. Maybe there’s a chance to get some of the writing team in for Short if the Month as Boneheads too?

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I think the rule is that he can only riff when his mike is muted accidentally.