What's Going On With Your Weather?

Nice view! Though I have to ask: what’s beaming down there on the right? :laughing:

That looks like the Wasatch Front. Am I right?

We’ve had very cool temps today and it just started pouring rain with thunder. I think the rain will stop in a couple of minutes because our thunderstorms don’t typically last very long.

Edit: Oh, and now it’s hail.

…and now, it’s slowing down again. :slight_smile: Right on schedule.

You are correct! About 30 minutes north of salt lake.

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Ha! I have no idea. Looks cool though!

Aha! I knew it! :smiley:

Forecast high today: 100

“I’m not being dramatic, I’m being apocalyptic. There’s a difference.”

3pm temperature at my place…

Not official but still it’s pretty F’ing hot outside :hot_face:

I get a shiver in my bones just thinking about Carl Weathers
arrested development stew GIF

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We officially hit 101° today, the first time at 100° or higher since June 26th, 2015 and a new record high. This also breaks the record which was also set in 2015 on this date :hot_face:

78 degrees at 4:30am… Lovely! :confounded:

Ok boys & girls… The EURO just updated with the GFS showing a possible HURRICANE developing in the CARIBBEAN around about JULY 1st timeline with development next week.
The CMC MODEL is further NORTH in the Bahamas! We have a fairly good correlation of Confidence that we might see some type of TROPICAL SYSTEM before JULY 1ST.
Current estimates are at 20% but confidence will increase as time goes on :open_mouth:

Got ourselves a nice thunderstorm with torrential downpours :open_mouth:
After another upper 90s day, this is a very welcome sight :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

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Now Invest 94L… Pretty much set on the Caribbean late next week as a depression or tropical storm (Bonnie) for sure.
Confidence is now 60% :open_mouth:

The NHC currently show 94L with a 70% chance of development. Current MODELS show 94L Grazing northern South America and moving into CENTRAL AMERICA (Nicaragua).
MODELS starting to show a 2nd WAVE following 94L with possible development as well :open_mouth:

81°F, with a humidity that would make Atlantis look like Albuquerque. Expected to get close to 90, with thunderstorms. I’m staying inside where the A/C is. Then it plunges to 60°F overnight and tomorrow should be beautiful.

I thought I would be able to turn the AC off today, but nope. As always it’s 5 degrees warmer than they forecast, and the Hell Ball is glaring down.

The NWS is obviously still using 20th century data to model temperature forecasts.

A cool down today from the oppressive 90s with a high of only 83 and a low of 63 :tada: :confetti_ball: