Hi everyone, I was just wondering if it’s just me or did Wild Rebels #207 get removed from the Gizmoplex?? I remember watching it a few times in the Gizmoplex… but have noticed that it’s no longer in my Gizmoplex’s Kinga Kool. I can still watch it on Pluto TV and Tubi, so I don’t think it’s a right’s issue.

It’s on page two in the Season 2 filter for me (ordered by title).

How are you searching for it?

I think it spontaneously merged with The Hellcats and The Sidehackers to make one single massive biker movie. They all run together anyway.


It was on the Gizmoplex for me a couple weeks ago.

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Thanks Chris! I do see it now when I search it through the “Season” Drop Box tab… it’s still M.I.A. in my Kinga Kool when I search from A-Z, or EP#. Thanks again for replying, now I can have my The Wild Rebels on in the background, while I’m listing my Dorky Sports Cards in Sportlots!!

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Thanks everyone!!

When you are looking by alpha, did you look under “T”? Yeah, seems wrong, but there is a known issue (that I don’t think was ever solved) where movies starting with “The” were sorting under T instead of under their proper location.

I don’t see it under T or W. It is possible it just doesn’t show up in the full list for whatever weird reason. I had noticed something similar a long time ago but didn’t take the time to fully investigate. If I were to hazard a guess, I’d say it shares an ID with some other video not in Season 2, so when you get the full list the other video overrides it.

Dangit, now I’m going to investigate now that I have a hypothesis. DAMN MY BRAIN.

Well I’m at a loss. Wild Rebels has a system ID of 48378, and when I pull the full library it’s not in there, but there’s not anything else with that ID. I looked at other thingie things, like episode_number and production_id, but no overlap there either.

I have a feeling that some other episodes dropped out in a similar fashion. I probably figured it was a rights situation when I first noticed them, so I guess my weekend project is to track all of them down and… throw up my hands in defeat, having scoped a problem but with no good idea on how to solve it.

Hey neat. You know what else is missing from the fridge for me when I don’t filter, but shows up if I limit by season/host/etc or do a text search?

  • Wild Rebels
  • The Wild World of Batwoman
  • Wizards of the Lost Kingdom
  • Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II
  • Women of the Prehistoric Planet
  • Yongary Monster from the Deep
  • Zombie Nightmare

That suspiciously looks like the end of the alphabet. So my hypothesis is: the vhxGetCustomerProducts call, which has alphabetized results, has a size limit somewhere along the line. I don’t think it is a case of the last page of results not being retrieved from the source API, because I can search for just the letter “a” and get results all the way to Zombie Nightmare. So hey @ivan - something to poke at when you’re bored, but the workaround for now is to do some targeted search rather than scroll through everything.

Bonus weird: even though The Wild World of Batwoman gets swept up into this end of the alphabet hysteria, when it does show up it alphabetizes under T. I think there are two places retitling and/or alphabetizing are happening.