And Yet Another Terribad Reboot ... Velma

As Theodore Sturgeon said, “90% of everything is crud.” (He didn’t say ‘crap’ as is usually substituted).

The problem isn’t reboots, the problem is when reboots are just crass cash grabs. This is clearly one of those times.


That’s why reboots need to be usually made by the people who originally made it or people who legitimately cared about the original, and want to put out new episodes of it modern day or update it, so that it isn’t just made for money, and is made for the sheer fun and enjoyment of it.


In my mind the only excuse for a reboot is when the original was a good idea whose potential was not realized in the execution. Which is why I’m not averse to reboots of, say, Red Sonja or Barbarella or Modesty Blaise. Or the Netflix She-Ra series, which I loved.

I find it much easier to enjoy continuations that leave the original canon intact, like Star Trek or the 21st century Doctor Who or Wednesday.


Agree 100% on both of these. They really need to be rebooted and done justice. Given that neither movie really has much of a following, while their underlying properties do, make them great candidates for reboots. The fact that neither movie has much of a following is also the reason neither is likely to be rebooted in the current environment.


I’d love to see a reboot of Blake’s 7 with an actual budget. Farscape was more of a tribute than a reboot, but it definitely was heavily influenced by Blake. I’d like to see a real Blake remake.

But I think we’re getting off-topic again.


There is a Red Sonja reboot in development, though I’m not confident we’ll ever see it or that it will be an improvement on the first one. A while ago I got into my head that Jessica Biel was the perfect Red Sonja, and now I’ll be disappointed with anyone else.

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One of the problems for me is how some of these bad shows are just really dumb excuses for the writers to conduct exercises in shipping. That’s one of the hallmarks of this era of handing good IPs over to the modern crop of hack writers and Blow-runners. They seem to spend a significant amount of their time and attention on doing nothing but setting up idiotic shipping misadventures, and it’s stupidity in-extremis. It’s like these people have brains stuck at eleven years old.


I thought he said…an even coarser word.

There does seem to be a whole lotta that. Like, fan-fiction writers taking over. (Which, in itself, doesn’t have to be bad.)

But the whole “good IP” thing is questionable, really. Show me your “good IP” and I’ll show a hack writer…hacking it. The more remarkable thing, I think, is when “bad IP” is salvaged into something NOT hacky. (See Shakespeare, William for the most obvious example.)