Apple Vision Pro

I sure hope that the Gizmoplex looks crisp on the Vision Pro!

(Not that I can afford one)

What Gizmoplex features do you want to see on Apple’s latest device???


I want to be able to feel the movie flushed to me in 7.1 Dolby Atmos




Wouldn’t that require pipes or tubing of some sort?


The idea: Awesome. I’d love a VR Macbook.

The cost: Forget it.


Makes no never mind to me…I have yet to find VR goggles, 3D glasses, or sunglasses (outside of the huge bug-eyed shades) that will fit over my prescription glasses.

Now, a Gizmoplex-enabled helmet, that I can get behind! (Assuming they make ones big enough for my XXL-sized noggin!)


Problem is, Kinga and Max could be cheapskates and make the Satellite of Love a Vision Pro and a closet.
No way, guys, we want Genuine Gizmonic Parts for your dumb hobby that makes Netflix look like jerks until the end of time (along with two other channels)


I want to see Crow and Servo brutally roast anyone who spends that kind of money on a piece of hardware when you could be supporting their mission to find out if the sun, indeed, has beer on it.


You say that, but I think an equally plausible scenario is that one of them would buy it (with Jonah’s credit card, of course), then not share and try to lord it over the other.


One of them gets the goggles, the other one gets to carry the battery pack. Like with the Bendy plush and tote.



Honestly, they jammed a lot of amazing tech in the thing…


It’s too expensive…

It doesn’t appear to support connections to PC based Sim systems… (iRacing, flight sims, etc)…

And, someone inside Apple thinks that anyone would spend $3500 to strap MS Office to their face??? Really?

I’d rather light myself on fire than have MS Office strapped to my freaking face!

I’m excited to see what comes next.

I’ll be even more excited if we find out that the Gizmoplex looks absolutely amazeballs on it.


I’m actually impressed that they’re NOT pushing the idea of working with spreadsheets and documents with this. Perhaps they recognize how useless that would be. You can still do that, of course, but the power of something like this will come from a new kind of application altogether. Like a Fantastic Voyage program that can be used to educate and train medical doctors, or a similar one for mechanics, or go the other way and explore global weather patterns. Pretty much any case where changing the scale of the thing so you fit comfortably inside can go a long way in your understanding of it.

The price tag is way too high for that, but part of me remembers it’s for early adopters right now, and the cost will come down. But then the entire rest of me remembers Apple isn’t into dropping prices to normal human consumer levels. The first Amazon Kindle was like $450, and today you can buy a better version for $80. But the Apple iPhone launched at $600 and the lowest tier new model is $430.

Of course that’s not an entirely fair comparison because iPhones were subsidized by cellular companies. So, I dunno, maybe $2000 at some point in the future? Still probably too much. I imagine a competitor product might end up capturing the market, even if their product isn’t as snazzy.

But by then we might all be under the control of Kinga Forrester anyway, so none of my speculation matters.


The solution to the last two in clip ons. Yes, you can buy clip ons for 3D (both polarized and anaglyph. I have both)

The image of the dad sitting there with a massive camera strapped to his face recording his daughters birthday was really sad.

But I mean… My dad used to have a massive VHS camera where he used one eye open to look through the view finder and record my birthdays…

It was sad then, it’s sad now. Lol


You’re eliciting flashbacks of my grandfather’s camcorder work. He would shoot video of vacations, narrating all the time. But never narration that was needed; he’d just describe exactly what was happening in frame. “Looks like he’s climbing a tree, there. Reaching for the next branch. Now he’s standing on the branch, reaching for the next…”

And that can be excused, I guess, to some degree. But what really got me was when he would show those tapes later he would also narrate the action during the playback. Never additional info. Still just what was obvious on the screen, and already captured on the audio track.


So he’s the type who would read the power point slides during a lecture. :smiley:


I hate it when people talk during the movie.

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I want to be able to swim around in a vat of KingaChrome and know what it feels like to BE the movie.



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