Are we all breathing easier today?

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While sitting last night and White Dotting to the best of my ability, I was thinking that what occurred may have been in the best possible interest going forward. Not gonna say the ‘big glitch for this mission’ is behind you, but I hope that through the predominantly patient response of the audience - EMBRACING IT - and the potential of this first session going off without a hitch only for a later one to go completely unexpectedly sideways… well… was just thinking that having some fun ‘now’ was actually great.

Things may come up again, but we all acknowledge that yeah, this is the test, this is the proof of concept, the slow open, the whatever you want to call it. To that, it was brilliant from open to close. Lots to touch on and work with for all of you, I think. Some great to think on, in fact.

I hope you’re relaxing about what else could come.

We’re right there with you, we get it. We’re thankful, and we know you’ve got our backs.

We’ve got yours. I hope you know that.


That’s very kind. God bless MSTies for turning what could have been a frustrating situation into a brand new character/bit/religion.


Sounds nice until the White Dot worshippers start a holy war against the First Church of the Truck Farmers.

Won’t even mention the Coily Crusades.


THOSE SPLITTERS?!?!? I mean uh, never happen.
‘We should really just relax.’


No, I’m not. But that’s because of my asthma.


I don’t want this to sound like I take this for granted, but I had a few seconds of abject white dot panic before I thought “wait, these people are backers and MSTies. They’re probably just riffing the dot.” And then I checked the chat and lo and behold, y’all had created a new character and were making it fun.

This is why I love this job, and why I doubt I’d ever be able to do it for any other fandom. This particular community is just the most kind, and funny, and enthusiastic group of awesome folks. Y’all make it easy to focus on making the best show we can for you. We really want all of you to love the results, and we trust you to let us know how to do it better. That symbiosis is really special.


I felt like the two kind wrestlers sketch pretty much encapsulated what made MSTiedom special.

I can (and have) leave my purse unattended at a MSTie event without a qualm.


I just leave wads of cash in the cup-holders.

I had one laptop hooked to the TV, so I just opened the other one, came here and had fun with it. Thankfully others were in the same spirit and that 20-minute delay just sailed by

And what Majorjoe23 posted :laughing: because when I woke up, I noticed, Hmm, the old asthma is kicking in a bit, I’m a little short of breath today. Then I saw this thread title and had a laugh.

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Despite the dot, I want to say, I’m actually pleasantly surprised by how well last night went from a technical perspective. The one thing that’s nearly impossible to truly test well ahead of time is how well the site and/or stream handles the load of tons and tons of people attempting to access it at once. Obviously, it helps that it was built on top of an existing platform, rather than being built from scratch, but you never know with these things. In that respect, it seems like everything went flawlessly. The stream itself seemed rock-solid, even if it wasn’t always showing what it was supposed to show.


What a relief! I got all my activation codes today so I’m 24 hours behind on the white dot. Before even addressing riffs or tech on new episode I’d like to say the movie itself is the funniest greatest thing ever.

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I fully expected a glitch. I was involved in livestreams back over 20 years ago and back then, we knew that NO live event on the internet goes perfectly until the gods of the internet have taken their sacrifice of intern sweat and CEO profanity.

technical boy


I couldn’t watch the livestream but watched it tonight. Catching up on Forum news, I actually feel a bit left out that the “white dot” was excised from on-demand video. It’s like someone ate all the raisin snails before I could get to the party. :cry:


There are always, always leftover Raisin Snails.


Said it before, say it again: greatest fanbase in the universe.

Whenever there are lemons in the form of computer glitches and technical difficulties, MSTies serve up some amazing lemonade.

That was true of the Kickstarter telethons, just as it was true with the Saga of the White Dot.

Y’all make me proud to be a MSTie.


Indeed. I’ve only been to one MST3K Live event, but it’s amazing how absolute strangers could strike up the friendliest and most enthusiastic conversations about the show. It really was something to watch!



I have something in my eye. :face_holding_back_tears: :smiling_face_with_tear:


That’s just your aqueous humor. It’s no laughing matter, but it’s supposed to be in there.


Another aspect I thought deserved mention – the looping “Technical Difficulties” cards were very reassuring and informative, especially for something that, in a perfect world, you would never see at all. Sure, nobody would be crazy enough not to prepare for the unexpected, but the quality of that preparation reminded me that this really is a labor of love, and that the fan experience is top-of-mind at every stage of the process. Great work!


Next time you feel that panic coming on, just ask yourself What Would White Dot Do?

You’ll feel a sense of peace and calm come over you that you’ve never known before .