Batgirl shelved by DC Comics "never to be seen!"

For nearly all of them, the back catalogue is the only thing I’m interested in. With Paramount, for example, if they would make available the Paramount TV shows that they haven’t licensed to someone else - Barefoot in the Park, let’s say - I’d be 100% on board. But they can’t be bothered.


If they push me hard enough, I can survive on MST3K, B5 DVDs, and fun at the local racetracks (watching/competing)?

And, the free time and extra money may help me kickstart some projects that I really want to do? (Podcasts etc)

But, I’m weird?


Was Batgirl supposed to be a prequel of The Batwoman?


If that’s a serious question, then no; they’re different characters. Batman’s cast of supporting characters — never mind his rogues gallery — has grown to a ridiculous size over the decades. And that’s before getting into the multiversal variants.


Sorry, I recently watched that episode and thought what if the new movie was in the same universe? That would certainly explain why it was never released

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I’d missed, or forgotten that Perry Mason was canceled… Boooooooo.

But, I had thought that True Detective had been canceled? And OFMD indefinitely delayed, not still expected out in 2023?

Still, just not enough left to pay for the hot mess MOX has become…

Maybe in a year or two there will be enough content built up to justify a month? Or, hopefully what I want to watch will be available to buy on iTunes…


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What’s that? True Detective might be heading back to its slow-burn horror roots? I’m in!

“max” also has me watching the first season of Dark Winds, though it’s just part of a set of taster series from AMC+ (why?), to which I’ll soon subscribe for its second season and other stuff.

Much less horrorful :wink: on “max” is Our Flag Means Death season 2, starting October 5. And supposedly the waning 2023 will include season 2 of Tokyo Vice, and the final half season of Doom Patrol. So “max” isn’t done with me quite yet.

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