Cheesy Movies... That Never Made it

We all marvel at the cheese that grace the screen but not much has been said about the B’s that weren’t so fortunate. I’m sure there have been times when you heard about an upcoming project that sounded completely bonkers only for it to fall by the wayside as years went by. Even if they weren’t destined to be good, seeing these films fall into the depths of development hell is still disappointing since they at least had potential.

I remember back around 2013, plans were underway for a killer squirrel horror flick imaginatively titled “Squirrels.” There was a poster plus a little teaser down below to drum up interest and then… nothing. Guess the pesky rodents had better things to do than attack random people on the streets.

I could go on but I might get carried away and make this post too long. Were there any unmade B-movies that caught your attention back in the day?

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I filed one under “Cheesy movies to be” rather than “never were”, guess I’m just an unstoppable optimist :smiley:

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It’s not Night Of The Squirrel unless it includes them gnawing through power lines, burying walnuts in out-of-the-way places (“where the sun doesn’t shine on them much”) and thus birthing random volunteer walnut orchards all the time. Also, disregarding your dream spring bulbs plan and moving everything you planted so carefully into shady spots under the neighbors’ deck or that strip of public land right by the interstate. :scream_cat: